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ANC 2F Wrap-Up

Tonight's meeting of ANC 2F was attended by Chairman Reed, Commissioner Cole, Commissioner Trock, Commissioner Schneider, and Executive Director Cynthia Cota.

Also, since I am running for ANC 2F03, and since I am running unopposed, I expect I will not be doing these wrap-ups for much longer. I'm looking for a volunteer to take over. Anyone?

Commissioner Announcements

  • Jennifer Trock was announced vice-chair pro-temp, so that Chairman
    Reed could make an announcement as a citizen to invite the community to Greg McCarthy's home to meet Jack Evans. The event is 1334 Riggs St. NW. at 6:30 PM on Sunday.

  • Lt. Mike Smith is retiring near the end of this year.

Crime Report

Lt. Smith, fresh from a drive back in from vacation, gave the report. Lt. Houser is actually the current PSA 307 lieutenant.

  • Violent crime is down 9%.

  • Armed robbery at 12th and O. Victims hit with a brick. Suspects are both juviniles from around the area of 200 Block of Bates.

  • Armed robbery at 13th and M. Suspects caught by Power Shift unit.

  • A suspect in the murder of Derrik Green was caught. Not one of the usual suspects. Derrik Green was involved in numerous robberies around the neighborhood, possibly earlier in the day on the day of his death.

  • Commissioner Cole question Lt. Smith about a hate crime against hist boyfriend at 14th and P, where the police took 24 minutes to respond. Commisioner Cole asked about improving patrol of 14th Street, especially focused on late-night carryout establishments, serving mostly drunk people. Lt. Smith stated that response times are a difficult issue, due to lack of manpower. Lt. Smith also noted that hate crimes are difficult to judge, for many reasons.

Exuctive Office of the Mayor

Abbey Peterson

  • 1124 15th St. - Illegal construction had stop work orders placed.

  • 1107 11th St. - Nuisance property, having grafitti removed and grass and weeds cut.

  • 1426 12th St. - Brothel operating. Fines have been placed; doesn't know exact amount. "Were severe." Also, the property has a large building that is not on record, and not being taxed.


Chris Zeeman was not present. Brian Vargas gave a short, impromptu report on the DDOT meeting he attended last week. There was displeasure expressed by both the community and the commission on Chris' absence.

Crime & Public Safety Committee

Helen Kramer reported there were no meetings over the summer. The solution of the Derrick Green has settled nerves in the Rhode Island/Vermont Ave. communities. Chairman Reed noted that Lt. Smith reported violent crime is down 9% since his death.

Street Closures

All presenters stated they read the ANC's policy on street closings, and stated their events comply with that policy. Chairman Reed assures the commission that Mr. Brodsky from DC Bike, who was absent, also understands them. The motion to write a letter recommending issuance of the permits passed unanimously.

  • Capital Criterion Bike Race

  • Capital Pride and AIDS Walk

ABRA Matters

Chairman Reed reported on:

  • Vegas Lounge - President of Cooper Lewis condo is present. Chairman Reed thought this would be easily done, but Vegas Lounge has hired counsel to fight a voluntary agreement. Vegas Lounge is creating a noise problem. The protest hearing was postponed until next month, at the request of Vegas Lounge's counsel. Chairman Reed hopes that progress can be made in the upcoming month.

  • As a late edition, The Park was present asking to extend the hours of their back sidewalk cafe. There are no local residents, and no complaints from local businesses.


The CDC had no meeting, due to lack of agenda items. Chairman Reed appointed Ben Harris to the CDC, to replace the loss of Sam Robfogle and Phillipa Hughes, as they left the neighborhood.

Shaw Dog Park

George Kassouf was not present. Nobody from DPR was present. Chairman Reed reported that DPR turned down the advice from the ANC to place the dog park next to Shaw Jr. High because the site is scheduled for redevelopment (improvements to the high school) three or four years down the road. George Kassouf came in later, and reported that the alternative sites are 1) a space on the southern half of the field at Garrisson Elementary (where the wading pool is); 2) the northeast part of Kennedy School; and 3) a parking lot around 5th and P. George's group spoke with Jack Evans' office, and his office is going to ask the mayor to release the land so it could be considered.


No representative from ZipCar was present to discuss the issue of their poorly kept lot at 14th and Corcoran, which was brought up at a prior meeting. There have been complaints from the community and the CDC that ZipCar is also illegally parking cars on public space (on the frontage space between the curb and the facade of a building). The Commission asked Ms. Perez to attend, who failed to appear. Chairman Reed moved to seek revocation of permits issued to ZipCar by DDOT for violating the agreements it made with the ANC. Commissioner Trock seconded. Passed with one nay from Commissioner Cole, who explained his nay because of his belief that the company had been working in good faith on the parking lot.

Ms. Perez showed up at 20:30, when she was on the agenda. And provided this update:

  • 14th & Corcoran - Painted poles, cleaned and mulched, painted building, worked with Garden District to plant ivy on the site. Commissioner Trock asked if there is a regime for upkeep, and Ms. Perez answered that there is. Chairman Reed stated that he had hoped that the company would do more to hide the cars from public view, because they create a sense of a parking lot, which is not consistent with the nature of the street. Not to mention it's ugly. Commissioner Cole warned that a fence or enclosure might make the site a bit less safe; Commissioner Schneider agreed. A suggestion was for planter boxes, but Ms. Perez stated they had been stolen. A suggestion for a lattice was good.

  • 15th & Rhode Island - Location closed.

  • 11th & M - Cars are now inside the gate.

Chairman Reed moved to reconsider the previous action, and then withdrew his motion. The matter is effectively dead.

Single Sales Ban

Despite the failure of the ANC to recommend approval of the Singal Sales Ban, due to a divided vote, Chairman Reed testified before the Council as a private citizen in favor of the ban. He noted that only two of forty-five witnesses were against the ban. Chairman Reed spent a few minutes speaking passionately about the evidence in favor of the ban.

  • Commissioner Trock spoke in favor of supporting ban, noting the major problems in her SMD due to single sales.

  • Commissioner Cole expressed his concerns that the bill targets only specific ANCs, rather than the entire ward or city. Chairman Reed noted that the law is targeted because the problem is targeted. He mentioned a suggestion from a Jeff Harris from Modern Liquors to limit single sales to warm beer only.

  • Commissioner Schneider stated that, though she voted against the ban last time, she would be voting in favor of it this time. However, she did note that she doesn't believe this is the best way to get at this issue.

  • Several community members made statements in support of the ban.

  • A question was asked about the enforcement of the ban. It falls under ABRA, but the community can also play a part thanks to the protest process.

  • Commissioner Cole wonders whether or not Whole Foods is currently illegally selling singles under the emergency legislation which is currently in place.

  • Chairman Reed moved that the ANC advises the Council to pass the ban. Commissioner Trock seconded. The motion carried three to one, with Commissioner Cole voting in the negative.

Treasurer's Report

Same old, same old. :-)

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