Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 2007 ANC Wrap-Up: Crime Down in PSA;

At last night's ANC 2F meeting, Sgt. Emmerman reported that crime in PSA 307 was way down from January to February. Specifically, there was a 51% reduction in overall crime, with a mere two robberies reported. Furthermore, an astounding 23 arrests were made on prostitution and related offenses, and a similar number of arrests were made in the red-light hot-zone south of L Street. (The exact numbers weren't available because that area is in the First District.)

The Sergeant also showed us a crime map highlighting the occurrences of Theft-from-Auto in our neighborhood. There were blotches of light shading throughout the area, but M Street from 10th to 13th were a disturbing, deep red. That certainly jives with my own personal observations. Good news, though! On February 21st, a thief was apprehended red handed on the 1300 block of Massachusetts Avenue - climbing out of the vehicle! These guys tend to be one-man crime waves, so hopefully we'll see a major down-tick next month. And if you're one of the unlucky car owners, please drop a note to the Committee on Crime and Public Safety. They would love for you to allocute against this guy! The CCPS is also talking about setting up a neighborhood watch in Theft-from-Auto hot zones.

In other business, the clubs on K Street are requesting that DDOT look into removing the parking restrictions. These restrictions were put in place as anti-prostitution measures, back in the mid-90s, and they want the parking for club-goers. There was some minor debate as to whether or not the clubs there are enough of a deterrent against prostitution, but the issue is going to be discussed. Prostitution is a hot topic here in Logan; so if any of you feel strongly, please contact your commissioner with your opinions.

Chris Zeeman from DDOT stopped by to give an update on road work in the neighborhood. He seemed a bit nervous, especially when Helen nailed him on the long-overdue, long-promised stop light at 11th and O. He promised to find out. Hold his feet in the fire, Helen!

Joe Martin, our new Neighborhood Services Coordinator, is asking for help in compiling a report of any problems you have with getting services from the city. Specifically, if you call 727-1000 or put in a service request on the web, and nothing gets done, drop him a line.

In ABRA matters, Whole Foods request for amendment to their voluntary was modified from a complete removal of the ban on singles to a ban on singles of less than or equal to sixteen ounces. This would bring their agreement into accordance with the stated policies of the ANC. Furthermore, it seems that Whole Foods ban is more restrictive than any other agreement in the neighborhood. Finally, talk of a price floor was dismissed outright as classist, which was the original argument against simply lifting the ban.

And then I had to leave. So I missed some of the meeting. If anyone was there for the rest and would like to add on, please do so in the comments.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It Ain't Not Easy Being Green

Can you deal with that double-negative?

If you're interested in decreasing your carbon footprint - and who isn't? - the DC Government will help subsidize the cost of installing renewable energy sources. From an email blast I received today:

The District of Columbia Renewable Energy Demonstration Project (REDP) provides qualified applicants up to 50% of the costs associated with installing a mechanism to produce electricity using a renewable source of fuel. Eligible projects include District residences, hospitals, and commercial or institutional buildings where construction has not begun. Projects may include, but are not limited to, installing photovoltaic arrays, fuel cells, biomass-fired CHP systems, and small wind turbines.

Project proposals must be mailed or delivered to The District Department of the Environment's Energy Division, 2000 14th Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20009. Proposals can also be faxed to 202-673-6725 Attention: LaKeisha Estep. Proposals must be submitted by April 2, 2007.

For more information, call the District Department of the Environment's Energy Hotline at(202) 673-6750, or visit: to obtain project proposal requirements.

So now you have no excuse. Go make Al proud.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Post on Playbill

This particular blogger, his wife, and Jennifer happened to be visiting 1409 Playbill Cafe on one of the evenings Post writer Ellen McCarthy was researching her piece, At Playbill, All the Cafe's a Stage. That's not to say it's either surprising or serendipity; anybody who knows Jennifer, Heather, or me can tell you we are, as they say, regulars. We weren't quoted or anything, not that we had much to offer beyond semi-adolescent gushing about how much we love Sayed's cooking, Sayed's restaurant, and Sayed. Still, it was exciting to know that our favorite neighborhood place was getting some well-deserved print to go with its cred.

Nice job!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Police Service Survey - Input Wanted

From our friends at MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department is conducting a survey to gauge the community's opinion about police service and solicit suggestions on ways to improve. Information from the survey will be used to help understand the specific needs of the community and determine which programs have been successful and those that may need additional attention. Residents and business owners, visitors, and commuters to the city are welcome to participate. The survey may be completed in several ways:- by completing the printed form available at all DC Public Libraries and police district stations and substations and dropping it in the collection box- by visiting the MPDC website and downloading the PDF version of the form- by filling the survey out online at SurveyMonkey (easiest)

You can learn more about the survey at The survey period closes March 14, 2007. We ask that hard copy forms be mailed by that time and the online survey will close then.If you have questions about the survey, please contact Annie Russell, Director of the Policing for Prevention Division, at (202) 727-1585 or e-mail her at is a link to the survey: (Visitors to the MPDC landing page are directed to this link to complete the survey online).

Thanks for your participation,
Kevin Palmer
Office of Corporate Communications
Metropolitan Police Department
(202) 727-4731 /