Thursday, May 31, 2007

LCCA June Events

We wanted to let you know of several great events coming up in June. Please mark your calenders for the following:

June 4
Please join LCCA and DCCA at DCCA's final membership meeting of the season, to be held at Studio Theatre on June 4, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.. The details are below this email, but the meeting will focus on crime and public safety issues. This is a great way to meet and mingle with our neighboring community association and its members and to address broader public safety issues.

June 9 -

As part of the Mayor's Total Deployment Weekend for MPD, LCCA and ANC2F are participating in a community walk-through/fight back to identify public safety issues that need to be addressed in . We hope you can come out with us - we'll meet at Dakota Cowgirl at 9 a.m. and divide into groups to go through our individual SMDs. More information to follow.
DC's annual Capital Pride Parade will be coming through Logan Circle on Saturday evening from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. and will head east on P Street and then south on 14th, ending at Thomas Circle. We hope you'll come out and celebrate with us. For more information, please see:

June 10

Also, please mark your calendars for June 10, 2007 from 4-8 p.m. for LCCA's annual picnic, to be held this year at Pepco Park on the corner of 12th and O. We've scheduled our picnic to be the perfect way to top off a week of Capital Pride celebrations going on city-wide. As the weekend also focuses on public safety, with the Mayor's Total Deployment Days, we'd like to also take this opportunity to honor MPD, and in particular Lt. Smith and our PSA 307 officers who protect us every day. Stay tuned for more information.

Hope to see you soon!

* * * * * *DUPONT CIRCLE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING—JUNE 4TH at 7:30 PMPUBLIC SAFETY AT THE STUDIO THEATRE1501 14th Street, NW (northeast corner of 14th Street, NW)Please join other folks from the Dupont Circle and Logan Circle communities for DCCA's final membership meeting of the season. Take this opportunity to raise your concerns about crime and law enforcement with our public officials. In addition, Rick Busch and Anne Sellin will make a presentation about a project aimed at reducing zoning in an east Dupont neighborhood to align it with present-day use. We will be meeting at The Studio Theatre. Founded in 1978 and led by Founding Artistic Director Joy Zinoman, Studio has built a national reputation for the production of area premieres of bold American and European works, innovative revivals, and arresting performance art and has received nearly 200 Helen Hayes Award nominations for artistic excellence. The Studio Theatre helped pave the way for the revival of the Greater 14th Street Historic District and continues to strengthen its foothold as an economic cornerstone in this neighborhood, which Joy Zinoman describes as "urban and alive and a place where people from all communities of this area come together. And you should see it at night with the lights of the theatre shining!"

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Should DC Allow Skyscrapers?

An article in today's Post discusses the argument over the 130 foot building height restriction in the District. This is certainly an issue that greatly affects Logan Circle, as well as the surrounding communities.

On the one hand are those who feel that the city is simply running out of development-worthy land, and that the restriction unfairly limits the density an area can achieve - robbing the city of tax dollars. On the other hand are those who retort that not only is that anathema to the city "plan" by L'Enfant, and that there is plenty of land that could be suitable redeveloped.

Personally, I think I fall into the latter category, if only for the fact that much of the re-birth of the neighborhoods like ours would have been delayed if there had been less pressure to build out instead of up. And there seem to be plenty of half-renovated row houses sitting vacant, just begging to be torn down and replaced.

What do you think?