Monday, October 31, 2005

The Commander Writes Back

In response to our earlier request for Officer Caron to receive a take-home car, here is what Commander Larry McCoy had to say:

Take home cars - I have 21 cars in the take home program, I believe, more than any other district. There is a process for the one car now open. As you might image, there is intense competition for it and several qualified canidates. (So let's continue our support for her application - please send those letters in - see previous posting!)

More police - There is a graduating class coming out of the academy next Friday. I am hoping to get several new recruits out of that class. If I do, I will be able to assign at least one to PSA 307. (One officer?!? Just one?!?)

Eagan to 307 (Travis Eagan, fellow Logan Circle resident) - We have an open season coming up real soon. This is an opportunity for officers to seek better days off and tours of duty, based on senority. Officers may move between PSA's. We'll have to see how that shakes out.

3D Awards Banquet - Set for 11-10-05, at the Thurgood Marshall Center, 1816 12th St., N.W. 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, the 3D CAC is trying to sell tickets, if you can pass the word. The Chairman, Stanley Mayes, can be contacted if anyone wants tickets 202-494-8581. Cmdr.

Attacks at Georgetown U

Six students have been robbed, while two others have been assaulted on the campus. It is unclear if the suspects are responsible for all of the crimes.

See the report here:

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Shooting At Helix

Last night, two guests at the Helix Hotel had an argument - parts of which have been caught on tape.

They moved the argument outside, and a gun was pulled. As the victim ran, at least 17 shots were fired. The victim was shot in the back. Cars parked on Rhode Island were hit, and the Holiday Inn at 15th & Rhode Island also was hit.

The victim was hospitalized. No word yet on the whereabouts of the shooter.

We will post details as they become available.

From a Rhode Island Avenue resident:

Last night at about 1:30 a.m., I was walking my dog and noticed a number of policemen and police cruisers at 15th and Rhode Island. Rhode Island had been closed down. The officer at the intersection told me that somebody had been shot earlier and that "there were shotgun shell cases"all over Rhode Island. A car at 15th and N Street was marked off with police tape and there was one cruiser there. The guy at my front desk told me that one of our residents had heard shots at about 1:00 a.m.

- Name Witheld

Friday, October 28, 2005

Logan Woman Robbed and Assaulted

As a follow-up to our previous posting, please see details on the horrifying incident that happened to a Logan Circle resident, as described by her friend and our fellow neighbor:

She said the attack and robbery took place about 8:30 p.m. outside Marie Reed school.

She was about 20 feet from the school and was approached by an African-American male, who appeared to be about 13 years old, 5'6" or shorter, slim, clear skin and short hair, dark clothes including a long jacket.

He was muttering and his eyes were glassy. He hit her in the face several times. She either fell or was knocked down and kicked and her head was banged against the pavement.

The assailant took her purse and walked away. Another African American male teenager was nearby but she did not know whether he participated.

People inside the school called the police, who responded immediately. On a ride around the area, police were able to retrieve her briefcase from an alley with her license and credit cards intact.

Her cash (about $40) and cell phone were missing. Her mp3 player and Palm Pilot were in hard to enter pockets of her briefcase and also were not taken.

Also, she told me the police told her that another woman was beaten and knocked unconscious at the corner of 14th and Rhode Island NW last night at about 10:30 p.m.

We are investigating this (14 & Rhode Island) and will post details when we receive them.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Robbery and Assault in Adams Morgan

From another Logan Circle resident, speaking on her friend and our neighbor. We will post further details as they become available. . .

Last night one of my friends was beaten and robbed in Adams Morgan while returning from swim practice. While that's out of our immediate neighborhood, I wanted to advise. She lives in Logan Circle.

- Name Witheld

Lights, Camera, Logan!

From a resident on 10th Street. . .

Having been a resident of DC for about 18 years, I feel less safe now than ever.

Our neighbors at 10th and P have talked at various times about installing video cameras, but we all assumed the cost was too high. But based on a quick Google search today, it appears as though many other communities are now using videocameras to reduce crime, and the systems are much more affordable than expected.

In Sacramento, a group of neighbors on a cul de sac paid $2,400 for 4 cameras. The cameras caught a murder suspect. See article here.

In New Orleans, police installed a city wide system using wireless cameras in high crime neighborhoods, and offered to place cameras in additional neighborhoods at the expense of $5K each. The dramatic results of the deployment are detailed here.

If we are paying $500K for condos and thousands of dollars every year in property taxes, wireless video surveilance is a reasonable option to protect our lives, our lifestyles, and our property values.

Wonder if there would be any interest in partnering with MPD or in doing a proof of concept on a block or two in Logan?

- Name Witheld

An Electronic Neighborhood Watch

WUSA News Channel 9 featured this site in yesterday's news hour.

See the report by clicking here.

Police Chief Charles Ramsey didn't enjoy his report card - obviously! In response to his comment, this site is fed by the input of the community. As friends and neighbors, we trust one another. It is much more important that we unite Logan Circle, and emerge as a stronger and more cohesive community, rather than be fractured by the impacts of doubt and negativity.

Our thanks to Frank Mobilio, LCCA President, for his words of encouragement and support, and most of all, to the residents and businesses of the Logan Circle community, who plug in daily to protect our homes and loved ones.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Juveniles Cruising the 'Hood

As details begin to unfold, we are reposting this story. It turns out that two similar incidents occurred and the outcomes varied slightly. Our thanks to MPD for providing the clarifications. . .

On Sunday, Officer Pepperman made a traffic stop on a car displaying stolen tags. There were three passengers in the car - and all attempted to flee. The driver and the front seat passenger got away, but the rear passenger was caught. Upon returning to the car, the officer saw a handgun, ski mask, and glove sitting in the back seat in clear view. The attorney general decided not to charge the juvenile with the gun, however, he has been charged for possession of marijuana.

About a month ago, a similar incident occurred. A resident called police to note a suspicious vehicle behind a school. Officer Ross responded, and followed the vehicle while calling for backup. As soon as the suspicious vehicle pulled over, all passengers (three, again) fled on foot. A foot chase by Ross and his backup ensued. Upon search of the car, three guns were found.

Officer Ross and others on the force completed the necessary paperwork and required administrative duties to hold the juvenile, but the next day, the U.S. Attorney's Office (juvenile division) "no papered" the arrest and released the juvenile. No further explanation was given at the time of this posting.

Officers Pepperman and Ross - we commend you and your fellow officers for responding to these calls and keeping our neighborhood safe. To the resident that called in the vehicles - thank you - you may very well have thwarted something far worse.

Now is not the time to lose faith, now is the time for continued vigilance. Stay alert, and stay involved.

Headlining DC Blogs

DC Blogs - a Forbes Best of the Web - places this website at the top of today's featured blogs. The article states: If every neighborhood had a blog it would be much easier to identify, on a grass roots level, citywide trends and issues. And if these blogs networked, they wouldn’t face this problem.

Two Arrests Made - One Great Cop

Just before midnight, Lt. Mike Smith was heading home for the evening. He decided to drive down N Street, and in doing so, he decided to watch the activity at the BP gas station (13th & N).

An aggressive pan-handler threatened to harm a pedestrian who refused to give him money. Lt. Smith immediately arrested the pan-handler. After a search, a gun was found.

Across the street, right at the corner of 13th & N Streets, a car was parked illegally. Inside the car, was another man. Lt. Smith approached the illegally parked car, and asked the man for identification. As it turns out, the man has a warrant in his name for a robbery committed recently in our neighborhood.

Both men are now in custody.

Three cheers for Lt. Smith - a real life superhero!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

At-Large Councilmember Mendehlson

We received late notice on this, but hope the community will participate. Come for the meeting then make the quick jaunt down 17th Street for the High Heel Race!

Note: We are hearing that the Councilmember is against the anti-prostitution vehicle bill that our neighborhood strongly supports. We urge participants to gather clarification on this.

Councilmember Mendelson would like to invite you to his Public Safety Town Hall Meeting on October 25th. It will be at the Third District Police Headquarters (1620 V Street) at 7:00pm.

The Councilmember would like to discuss issues presently before the Council. He would also like to hear the concerns of Third District residents. We will be joined by members of the US Attorney' s Office.

Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you there.

Reporting on the Media

Over the weekend, through various conversations, email, and telephone, it seems that neighbors want to know "Where is the media? Why aren't they reporting this?"

The answer is: the media does want to cover this. They are in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, MPD is slow to release information to verify the stories.

So it's up to us, the community, to talk about and share our experiences. For whatever reason, MPD is reluctant to release information about the robberies terrorizing our neighborhood. So, we have provided this space, along with various listserves to serve as an outpost for our community.

If the old saying: "the more you know" is true, then we must come forward and bravely talk about this situation. With the outpouring of response received by the community, it seems that, indeed, we are willing to go in this direction, for the betterment and safety of us all.

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." - James Madison

Chief Ramsey Speaks

Chief Ramsey appears on “Live at Five” this Wednesday. Chief Ramsey will discuss public safety issues, and take phones calls, from 5-6 pm on Wednesday, October 26, during his monthly interview with Latoya Foster on WOL-AM radio.

Leave a "View on the News" for WOL-AM here.

Logan Circle Report Card

As a way of providing feedback to our city leaders, we've prepared an interactive report card which will grade leaders in the following areas:

  1. Community Involvement - Does this person participate in our community forums (ANC, LCCA, etc.)? How well does he/she know our issues?
  2. Communications - Does this person maintain an open line of communication with the community? Does he/she respond to our concerns directly and in a timely fashion?
  3. Overall Effectiveness - How effectively does this person do his/her job as it relates to Logan Circle?
  4. Visibility - How accessible is this person to the Logan Circle Community? How much time does this person spend in Logan Circle?

Each week, we'll select one person or organization who, in some official capacity, has responsibility for an aspect of our community's welfare. We hope to use this information, collected over a period of time, to provide constructive feedback to our community leaders.

This week, we will be grading Police Chief Charles Ramsey. We encourage you to review the report card below, and if you have any specific comments, we welcome them. Also, please see our poll to the right of your screen, and vote on how you would grade the Chief.

Report Card for Chief Ramsey

Report Card for Police Chief Charles Ramsey
Community Involvement - Grade: C
Chief Ramsey receives only an average grade due to his lack of knowledge of the Logan Circle Community and PSA 307. When asked about helping our community during a press conference last week, he answered that there are enough officers on our streets, and that perhaps the officers need to go knocking door to door to let the community know that they are there. A resident then responded: "Chief, we live in high rises and multi-unit buildings!" He had no further comment.

Communications with the Community - Grade: D
Even after our letter writing campaign, our presence at his press conference, and a push from the businesses on 14th Street, we have not received any communications from him regarding safety in Logan Circle. We can only hope that the Deputy Mayor's Office is receiving more luck.

Overall Effectiveness - Grade: C
The Chief has the power to bring more officers to Logan Circle. The presence of the Mounted (horse) Units and the K-9 Units in Logan Circle this weekend was extremely welcome, but disappeared after the weekend. Then, as we all read, a violent robbery ensued Sunday evening. We believe the Chief should work on more permanent placement of officers rather than temporary solutions.

Visibility - Grade: D
The Chief made a presentation recently at The Dupont Circle Citizens Association, and the LCCA has yet to hear back from him with our invitation to our November meeting. We have also extended another invitation to him to be our featured speaker in 2006 when we return from our break in January. Again, no response.

Overall Grade: C-
Chief Ramsey's performance in Logan Circle is average, and improvements must be made.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Alley by Mr. Wash

From our friends at the SoLo Piazza. . .

Last week I saw a black woman and two men (one black and one white) rob what I thought was another drug dealer at 3:30 AM in the alley last week. It was a planned event. They had Nextel phones. They sat idling for about half an hour till they did the deal.

They even had a second car doing watch for them. They blocked the victim's car in, and they took everything out of the trunk (several large suitcases). They took all his money. They threatened him with his life. They shook him down and made him take off his jacket.

They did this like they were pros with out any awkwardness or fear. The woman was an equal if not in charge of the robbery. The victim was also incredibly cool. He acted like this had happened before as well. They parked their car in such a way that they could get out to 12th or 13th and they left all the doors open so they could jump in quickly.

Once the other car that was doing watch came down the alley they jumped in their car and followed it away. We called 311 and gave the license plates of the two cars along with a description of the three robbers.

The black man wore a black bomber jacket with a Dodge Truck logo on it in white and the woman kept calling the man: "Papi" or "Poppy."

Sunday Night Mugging at Vermont & Q

From one of our neighbors:

To all --

I'd like to share a personal experience about the criminal activity in our neighborhood. Last night at 11pm, my wife and I walked our dog around the block just north of Logan Circle, bounded by Vermont, Q St. and 13th St. As we walked from Vermont to 13th on Q, we noticed a couple of young men in different places -- a young black male near the NW corner of 13th and Q was talking on a cell phone and standing away from the corner in a less lighted place, and another black male on the east side of 13th St.

Neither one approached us or did anything that was actually objectionable, but they didn't seem like the ordinary passers-by that we see all the time. We believe the second man could tell that my wife had a cell phone in her hands. The big dog was also obvious. We turned on 13th St. and were walking around to the Vermont side of our building when we heard loud yelling from farther up Vermont. I walked out to the sidewalk and looked down to the corner of Vermont and Q, where I saw a man on the ground yelling and squirming violently.

There was a black male standing over him and pointing a gun at him. We called 911 immediately with our cell phone. Within a couple of seconds, though, the mugger ran away up Vermont St. and the victim got up and ran toward 13th. By now a few of our neighbors were coming out of buildings after hearing the yelling. One neighbor had seen the whole incident from a window, and said the mugger had chased the victim, who was yelling and weaving as he ran, for over a block. The victim appeared to trip at the corner of Vermont and Q, which is where I saw him on the ground.

The MPD arrived very quickly after our 911 call but the perpetrator(s) had already run away. After getting a description from us and others, including the victim, they left to look for the mugger. The victim confirmed the mugger had held a gun on him. Other police cars arrived shortly as well as a plain clothes detective in an unmarked car. The police stopped someone fitting the loose description of one of the perpetrators a few blocks away but neither the victim nor I could positively identify him as the culprit.

Here are some suggestions the police gave us to help them catch perpetrators of these crimes, along with a couple of my own:
  1. One of the officers said that, if you see someone standing around or looking suspicious, call the police immediately so that they can send a car to check the person out, even if the person hasn't done anything overtly objectionable.
  2. Keep a cell phone in hand and turned on. Call 311 to report suspicious activity, or 911 if an emergency is actually in progress.
  3. Get as much of a description of the suspicious person(s) as you can -- age, build, color and style of clothing, etc.
  4. Stay on main thoroughfares as much as possible, especially after dark.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thursday Morning Robbery

On Thursday morning, at 1:20 AM in the 1100 block of 11th Street, another robbery happened. No word yet on if this was connected to Wednesday's robberies.

Two citizens were walking when a man approached from behind and grabbed a purse. The suspect then grabbed the other person's bag and fled Eastbound toward Lamont. A gun was shown.

We will post details as they become available.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Gun Pulled On 3D Officer

Yesterday, an officer performing his foot patrol duties noticed a suspicious person. The suspicious person caught the officer observing him and began to run.

A foot chase immediately ensued.

The suspicious person then ran into an apartment building on Irving Street. The officer followed in pursuit, until he went into the person's unit. There, two other people were present, and guns were pulled.

The officer ducked for cover and the two apartment dwellers fled. The suspicious person was then tackled by the officer and arrested.

Our thanks and gratitude to the members of MPD who risk their lives daily for our safety. Thanks to this officer, there is one less gun on the street.

Pimp Busters!

From our neighbors at the Iowa Condominiums. . .

This morning, around 7am (Friday) D.C.'s finest (MPD) busted a pimp (ID'd by neighbors).

Light skinned black male with long hair in a pony tail. He is driving a late model white Hummer with New Jersey tags, 2BAH.

Now here's your job, if you see this vehicle in the neighborhood call 911.

YES, 911 - per the officer -in charge instructions, say second sighting, to tell dispatch he's back.

The cops will jump on it.

Support Officer Caron

If you would like to help MPD increase their visibility, then please join LCCA and our campaign to support Officer Caron's application for a take-home car.

Officer Caron is a superb member of the force, as well as a Logan Circle resident. Both the LCCA and the ANC have supported her application, with a letter to Commander McCoy that reads:

Commander Larry McCoy
Metropolitan Police Department
Third District Headquarters
1620 V Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Dear Commander McCoy:

In PSA 307, the superb dedication, commitment, and service of Officer Caron are truly appreciated. We are extremely grateful that she is as dedicated to her work as she is to the community.

We understand that she has applied for a take-home car from the force, and we are writing to support her application.

A stronger visual presence of MPD has been requested throughout Logan Circle, and we believe that having an official police vehicle regularly parked in the neighborhood will help deter crime, increase police visibility, and assist Officer Caron in her duties.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing Officer Caron’s patrol car in our neighborhood.


Please feel free to copy and mail to Commander McCoy at the address listed above. Thank you!

Do the Right Thing - Call 911

From Sgt. Stuart Emerman, MPD, in response to our friends at the Downtown I & II Condominiums. . .

Thanks for the info. The citizen did right to call 911.


On Thursday, October 13, around 8:30 pm I walked outside of 12** N Street to encounter 4 individuals on the front steps and an exchange of money and a "substance." Obviously, a drug deal on the front steps.

As I walked out, eye contact was made and one of the individuals lifted his shirt and exposed what looked a lot like the handle of a gun. I called 911.

Three African American males, mid twenties, two average build, one larger, over 200 lbs. The purchaser was male, African American, looked in his 40s, 180-200 lbs.

On Monday, October 17, around 6 pm I came home to find one of the same individuals from Monday evening sitting on the steps. I made eye contact and asked him to move along since he does not live at 12** N Street.

His response was belligerent and threatening. I called 311 on that occasion. Male, African American, mid twenties, average build.

I hope this is not a coincidence. Be careful!

- Name Witheld

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Update from Deputy Mayor Reiskin

From Bradley Hicks, Special Assistant to Ed Reiskin, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice:

Since our meeting, the Deputy Mayor has had a conversation with Gustavo Velasquez, Director of the Office of Latino Affairs, regarding the various day laborer issues. Tara Jones, Director of Neighborhood Services, is also helping us explore both short- and long-term solutions.

In addition, Ed touched base with Commander McCoy about all of the issues you raised, from PSA staffing, to take-home cars, and the prostitution problem (and current assault and robbery issues).

I know you mentioned that you would like to have Ed attend the next meeting of the Logan Circle Community Association. Cheryl Williams can assist you with his schedule.

Again, thanks for the background information and I look forward to working with your group to make Logan Circle safer. Please also note that our office's website will soon be going live. That may be another resource for you to learn about the Deputy Mayor's role and activities. We will also post his testimonies before Congress and the Council, many of which are on issues directly related to your group's concerns such as community policing.

Break-In at Luther Place and Heroic Efforts

Between 10:30-11:00 PM on Wednesday night, two suspects broke into an SUV parked on 14th Street in front of Luther Place Memorial. The suspects stole items out of the car, then ran through the Luther Place Memorial Church grounds in an attempt to flee.

Two homeless men, tackled the suspect to the ground.

A pedestrian, saw the fighting and immediately called 911.

Officer Michael Ursiny who was just blocks away, immediately responded. One suspect fled, the other was immediately arrested.

Thank goodness for the two homeless men, who provided eyewitness testimony which led to the arrest of the first suspect, and also to the pedestrian, who did the right thing by calling police.

The first is a registered person at the Franklin Shelter downtown. The second, is registered at the shelter on New York Avenue in Northeast.

Authorities have charged the one suspect, and are working to find the other. Officer Ursiny will send details as they become available. Meanwhile, our wonderful Lt. Smith, was performing his Lt. duties, while also acting as Captain of our PSA, and serving as Watch Commander.

Lt. Smith, and Officer Ursiny, should be commended for their service to the community!

Deputy Mayor Reiskin and Logan Circle

Thank you for your outpouring of response in the past week to further LCCA's efforts for public safety in our neighborhood. Today, Jennifer Trock and Chris Kohatsu took your concerns to Ed Reiskin, the city's Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice. He and his staff have been following the issues surrounding Logan Circle, and they are committed to assisting us and protecting our homes.

If you are a robbery victim, or if you see someone being robbed, there are three key steps we must now take, considering the climate:

  1. Immediately dial 911. Make as detailed a description of the perpetrators and leave all your contact information.
  2. Call Lt. Mike Smith directly at: 202-365-6454.
  3. Send an email to the Deputy Mayor's Special Assistant, Bradley Hicks at:

Yesterday's crime spree at 14th and Church, 12th and N, and 13th and S were extremely alarming and we have received word from Commander McCoy that officers and detectives are on the case. Details from the 14th and Church street mugging will be released as soon as we receive them.

Deputy Mayor Reiskin will be issuing a followup to our discussion which will be distributed shortly.

Please remain involved, alert, and stay informed. Most of all, please look out for your family, friends, and fellow neighbors.