Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Report Card for Chief Ramsey

Report Card for Police Chief Charles Ramsey
Community Involvement - Grade: C
Chief Ramsey receives only an average grade due to his lack of knowledge of the Logan Circle Community and PSA 307. When asked about helping our community during a press conference last week, he answered that there are enough officers on our streets, and that perhaps the officers need to go knocking door to door to let the community know that they are there. A resident then responded: "Chief, we live in high rises and multi-unit buildings!" He had no further comment.

Communications with the Community - Grade: D
Even after our letter writing campaign, our presence at his press conference, and a push from the businesses on 14th Street, we have not received any communications from him regarding safety in Logan Circle. We can only hope that the Deputy Mayor's Office is receiving more luck.

Overall Effectiveness - Grade: C
The Chief has the power to bring more officers to Logan Circle. The presence of the Mounted (horse) Units and the K-9 Units in Logan Circle this weekend was extremely welcome, but disappeared after the weekend. Then, as we all read, a violent robbery ensued Sunday evening. We believe the Chief should work on more permanent placement of officers rather than temporary solutions.

Visibility - Grade: D
The Chief made a presentation recently at The Dupont Circle Citizens Association, and the LCCA has yet to hear back from him with our invitation to our November meeting. We have also extended another invitation to him to be our featured speaker in 2006 when we return from our break in January. Again, no response.

Overall Grade: C-
Chief Ramsey's performance in Logan Circle is average, and improvements must be made.


greg 1321 said...

chief should get a D or F in my book.

Anna said...

I am glad to see someone do this. MPD officers should grade him!