Thursday, October 27, 2005

An Electronic Neighborhood Watch

WUSA News Channel 9 featured this site in yesterday's news hour.

See the report by clicking here.

Police Chief Charles Ramsey didn't enjoy his report card - obviously! In response to his comment, this site is fed by the input of the community. As friends and neighbors, we trust one another. It is much more important that we unite Logan Circle, and emerge as a stronger and more cohesive community, rather than be fractured by the impacts of doubt and negativity.

Our thanks to Frank Mobilio, LCCA President, for his words of encouragement and support, and most of all, to the residents and businesses of the Logan Circle community, who plug in daily to protect our homes and loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Chief what isnt true on this blog? Who is lieing about being a victim of crime?

Brian Reiter (941 O St. NW) said...

In the news interview, Chief Ramsey claimed that there were postings on this blog that turned out not to be true. He is using the claim that something on this blog is untrue as a rhetorical device to dismiss the notion that there is a serious crime problem.

Is he correct that there are innacurate postings or is he dissembling? If there are mistakes on the blog, I would like to see corrections posted. If Chief Ramsey's claim that this blog contains false postings is incorrect, he should be called on the carpet for it.

There has been a whole series in the Post on Chief Ramsey and Attorney General Spagnioletti are intent on defending a "zero-tolerance" DUI policy, presumably because cars can be deadly. Guess what? Guns can be deadly, too. How about some parallel "zero-tolerance" enforcement of the DC gun ban?

Chris K said...

Thanks Brian, and whoever left the first comment. . .

This site is powered by information given to us from the community. It's not meant to be straight up reporting, just another way of having a dialogue between neighbors.

I am convinced that victims and witnesses are correct. I am also sure that the police reports are also correct.

Will things change over time? Surely, because our judicial process allows for more details and clarifications to unfold.

One thing that will not change is our community's need to stay informed and involved.