Friday, October 21, 2005

Do the Right Thing - Call 911

From Sgt. Stuart Emerman, MPD, in response to our friends at the Downtown I & II Condominiums. . .

Thanks for the info. The citizen did right to call 911.


On Thursday, October 13, around 8:30 pm I walked outside of 12** N Street to encounter 4 individuals on the front steps and an exchange of money and a "substance." Obviously, a drug deal on the front steps.

As I walked out, eye contact was made and one of the individuals lifted his shirt and exposed what looked a lot like the handle of a gun. I called 911.

Three African American males, mid twenties, two average build, one larger, over 200 lbs. The purchaser was male, African American, looked in his 40s, 180-200 lbs.

On Monday, October 17, around 6 pm I came home to find one of the same individuals from Monday evening sitting on the steps. I made eye contact and asked him to move along since he does not live at 12** N Street.

His response was belligerent and threatening. I called 311 on that occasion. Male, African American, mid twenties, average build.

I hope this is not a coincidence. Be careful!

- Name Witheld

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