Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thursday Morning Robbery

On Thursday morning, at 1:20 AM in the 1100 block of 11th Street, another robbery happened. No word yet on if this was connected to Wednesday's robberies.

Two citizens were walking when a man approached from behind and grabbed a purse. The suspect then grabbed the other person's bag and fled Eastbound toward Lamont. A gun was shown.

We will post details as they become available.


Cmdr. McCoy said...

Several more good arrests you should know about in PSA 307 over the last 24 hrs:
Jason Anderson AKA Richar Boddy - Bench Warrant for Burglary,
Darell Barber - Burglary II, Paul Donelson, Poss. Cocaine; Ricky Murphy, Dist. Cocaine; Donita Carter, Dist. Coaine; Yves Fontaine, Simple Assault; Brian Ferguson, Drinking in Public; Lisa Warren, Urinating In Public; Cynthia Hammonds, Sexual Solicitation; Kimberly Seward, Sexual Solicitation; Lonnet Collins Solicting for Lew Purposes; Bobbie Park, Indecent Sexual Proposal.
In an effort to prevent additional crimes in 307 we have been placing our Light Tower here in different locations to light up the area. It is always accompanied with an officer.
You should see the officers from our Special Operations Division patrolling in 307 with their K-9's and officers on horse back from our Horse Mounted Unit. In addition, Chief Fitzgeral has deployed the Emergency Response Team (SWAT Team)to patrol 3D over the weekend due to the increase in robberies. Half of them are assigned to patrol soley in PSA 307.

Chris K said...

Thank you, Commander!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. We greatly appreciate all that you are doing.

Jennifer said...

Commander - Thanks for the update and for all you do for the community. We greatly appreciate it!