Thursday, October 20, 2005

Break-In at Luther Place and Heroic Efforts

Between 10:30-11:00 PM on Wednesday night, two suspects broke into an SUV parked on 14th Street in front of Luther Place Memorial. The suspects stole items out of the car, then ran through the Luther Place Memorial Church grounds in an attempt to flee.

Two homeless men, tackled the suspect to the ground.

A pedestrian, saw the fighting and immediately called 911.

Officer Michael Ursiny who was just blocks away, immediately responded. One suspect fled, the other was immediately arrested.

Thank goodness for the two homeless men, who provided eyewitness testimony which led to the arrest of the first suspect, and also to the pedestrian, who did the right thing by calling police.

The first is a registered person at the Franklin Shelter downtown. The second, is registered at the shelter on New York Avenue in Northeast.

Authorities have charged the one suspect, and are working to find the other. Officer Ursiny will send details as they become available. Meanwhile, our wonderful Lt. Smith, was performing his Lt. duties, while also acting as Captain of our PSA, and serving as Watch Commander.

Lt. Smith, and Officer Ursiny, should be commended for their service to the community!


Paul G said...

Is there any way we could show our thanks to the homeless men for their efforts? The officers get paid (granted, underpaid) for their work. The homeless men (who we most likely walk past every day without even acknowledging) deserve more than just our electronic kudos, which they most likely won't ever get to read.

Chris K said...

I think that's a great idea. I have both men's names and the shelter that they are registered at. Perhaps we can send care packages to them? Toiletries, men's underwear, Halloween candy? What does the community think?

paul g said...

chris, I think that's a GREAT idea. Plus, sending it to the shelter sends a message to other people in the shelter: you're valued by our community.