Thursday, October 20, 2005

Deputy Mayor Reiskin and Logan Circle

Thank you for your outpouring of response in the past week to further LCCA's efforts for public safety in our neighborhood. Today, Jennifer Trock and Chris Kohatsu took your concerns to Ed Reiskin, the city's Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice. He and his staff have been following the issues surrounding Logan Circle, and they are committed to assisting us and protecting our homes.

If you are a robbery victim, or if you see someone being robbed, there are three key steps we must now take, considering the climate:

  1. Immediately dial 911. Make as detailed a description of the perpetrators and leave all your contact information.
  2. Call Lt. Mike Smith directly at: 202-365-6454.
  3. Send an email to the Deputy Mayor's Special Assistant, Bradley Hicks at:

Yesterday's crime spree at 14th and Church, 12th and N, and 13th and S were extremely alarming and we have received word from Commander McCoy that officers and detectives are on the case. Details from the 14th and Church street mugging will be released as soon as we receive them.

Deputy Mayor Reiskin will be issuing a followup to our discussion which will be distributed shortly.

Please remain involved, alert, and stay informed. Most of all, please look out for your family, friends, and fellow neighbors.

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