Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do You Walk In DC?

If you answered "No," then you are probably confined to a wheelchair, and I'm sorry; but read on regardless!

As reported in the Post, the District is crafting its first-ever Pedestrian Master Plan. And they would like our input. On the Pedestrian Master Plan site, you can find a short survey (about ten minutes) about your walking opinions and habits. Hurry, though, it's only online until tomorrow!


Jennifer said...


I was very taken aback by your introductory comment to your "Do You Walk in DC" post. I will say that I do not use a wheelchair but do work with people who do and pedestrian walkway issues most CERTAINLY affect those using wheelchairs as those who do not. Did you take a look at the survey? I would say that "missing or poorly maintained sidewalks" and "unsafe street crossings or intersections" are also concerns to those using wheelchairs, wouldn't you? And, there is even a question on whether your "mobility limitations" such as using a wheelchair make it difficult or unpleasant to walk in the District.

One more note worthy of sharing - many wheelchair users do not find their wheelchair confining, rather the wheelchair provides freedom of movement to assist individuals in traveling throughout the community.

The bottom line is that I feel your wheelchair comment was unnecessary and unnecessarily isolated a segment of the community who is really an integral part to this important issue.


Heather said...
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