Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fourteenth Street Meeting Follow-Up

The Fourteenth Street Transportation and Streetscape meeting last night, at National City Christian Church was quite a success! It was really less of a meeting, and more of an informal mingling, information bazaar, and feedback generator. It was pulled off quite well, and was exactly the kind of public participation that gives me confidence the project will end up a success.

Upon arrival, I received a sort-of "take-out menu", which was collected in a drop-box at the end of the evening. The menu was divided into sections, according to the type of proposed improvement or change, such as type of tree cover, material for sidewalks, or signage on the street; boxes provided a place to rank my preferences from most desirable to least. Did I prefer my sidewalks brick, London pavers, concrete, or cobblestones? Is the configuration with turning lanes better than that with bicycle lanes? What do I think about public art: permanent, functional, or transient?

You might think I was overwhelmed, but large poster boards surrounding the room offered detailed explanations and diagrams for each of the options; and experts were always hovering nearby, always eager to explain the pros, cons, and facts regarding a particular choice. I found myself asking questions and getting good answers from virtually everyone present.

Hopefully they'll post the menu on their site - and if they don't, I've sent a message to the project leader requesting it so that I can post it here. More input can only be a good thing, and it will help disseminate the plans and options for the future.

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