Friday, August 01, 2008

Rising Gas Prices - ZipCar Raises Rates

I got an email from ZipCar yesterday, announcing (without the usual peppy flair that comes with their emails) that they are increasing driving rates due to the ever-increasing cost of gasoline. The importance of car sharing services to the ability of Logan Circle residents to live without a car at all cannot be understated. It fills that gap for those times you just have to drive to Bowie, MD. (Four years and counting, for this blogger!)

  • Weekday hourly reservations increase by $0.25 per hour and 24-hour weekday reservations increase by $2.

  • Weekend hourly reservations increase by $0.75 per hour and 24-hour weekend reservations increase by $5.

  • The incremental mileage charge (i.e. fee for miles over 180 per day) increases by $0.10 per mile.

Though I'm too lazy to do the math at the moment, that rate increase seems far below the percentage increase in gas prices over the last six months. That's not too bad, although I'm sure it will hurt some more than others.

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