Wednesday, February 22, 2006

3rd District Leading in Car Thefts?

The Washington Post's write-up on the efforts of the MPD to curb auto theft in the 6th District has an interesting tidbit on page two.
This year, though, the [6th] district is no longer leading the city in stolen cars, the first time officials can remember that happening in years. It has about 50 fewer thefts than the 3rd District, which covers a smaller area north of downtown in Northwest Washington.

So does that give us the dubious distinction of highest auto-theft rate in the city? I wonder if our theft rate has generally increased, or has it basically remained constant? I know that theft-from-auto is way up, but I haven't heard anything about actual auto theft. In general, though, there seems to be a feeling that crime is generally on the rise across the District. I'm looking forward to the crime report at the next ANC 2F meeting.

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