Sunday, February 19, 2006

Spat of Robberies

Some residents of The Iowa are reporting two muggings that have occurred in the past week. From an email forwarded to us:
This robbery occurred 02/10/06
I wanted to let you know and maybe you can make sure that folks know. I friend of mine was mugged on O street this past weekend on Friday night. He was walking around 11o'clock PM on O street, between 11th and 12th. Two black men pushed him down and took his cash and wallet.
And another:
This one on 02/16/06
I hope this isn't becoming a habit, but just to keep everyone updated. Another friend of mine was mugged last night around 10th and P at 9:30. They hit him 3 times in the face and took his money, Ipod [sic] and cell phone.
If you have any information about these incidents, please contact MPD and/or post to our comments.

And as always, please be careful out there and turn off your iPod when you're walking. While the latest Guster might make for better listening than trucks, sirens, and horns, you don't want to make yourself a target. Even the Metro Police is joining in this crusade: via DCist, WTOP is reporting that they are warning gadget enthusiasts to take extra precautions, even going so far as to hand out stickers to SuffBak.

Sounds like a good idea to me.


tom said...

Perhaps it's just that I live near this intersection, but it seems like 10th and P is being particularly targeted by thieves. I recall reading on this blog about 4 robberies within a block of the intersection within the last few months alone -- and several of them were daylight/dusk robberies.

I wonder if any of the officers who read this blog could comment on why this intersection seems particularly dangerous, and what, if anything, is being done to resolve the situation.

I do recall there being a few light trucks out not too long ago, but they don't seem to have caused any permanent change.

Anonymous said...

I believe you mean "Spate of Robberies".

Brian said...

Perhaps I do. Or perhaps I actually mean a cloth-or-leather-gaiter-covering-the-shoe upper-and-the-ankle-and-fastening-under- the-shoe-with-a-strap of robberies.

The world may never know. ;-)

Ofc. Caron said...

I have no scientific answer for why that area seems to be targeted, but it could be that 10th and P is a quiet interesection that has the right combination of foot traffic with minimal vehicular traffic. Criminals feel they'll have a target without being seen. I know Lt. Smith has ideas on how to work on this issue as well as the theft from auto issue in the area. Additionally, the citizen can continue to be aware of their surroundings (being the eyes and ears) and report any suspicious activities. We would rather respond to a call that doesn't end up being something than responding to a call after something has happened.

Anonymous said...

You can add another mugging to this list. It also occurred on O Street between 11th and 12th on Friday night at around 7:15 PM. Unlike 10th and P, 11th and O is pretty heavily traveled. However, it is a haven for drug dealers and prostitutes who set up in front of the derelict buildings on the southeast corner of this intersection. The muggings are just a spin off activity of these well-known illegal dealings. If it’s not the prostitutes, drug dealers, or their customers robbing and assaulting people, it’s others attracted by the sense of lawlessness and lax enforcement conveyed by the ease and prevalence of the illegal activities. It’s ridiculous how much it is tolerated by the DC police and, to some extent, the citizenry.

Ofc. Caron said...

I understand your frustration and concern with the 11th and O Street intersection. I think it is a little unfair to simply make a blanket comment that 'It’s ridiculous how much it is tolerated by the DC police.' Crime is not tolerated by us and while the activity is often questionable, it is not always criminal. Hanging out on a street corner with thigh highs, a short skirt, and high heels is not a crime.

Additionally, there is not scientific answer, like I stated previously, to the muggings that occur. They occur in all kinds of neighborhoods, towards all kinds of victims. It is always helpful to have the citizens provide more information about suspicious activity since there are many more citizens than officers.

Thanks, as always, for your assistance in this and all safety related matters.

Anonymous said...

There was a mugging on the corner of 13th & N (right next to Solo) at 7pm on 2/17. A girl was robbed by two African American guys.

DeAnn said...

I just learned that a young lady from my building (Sutton Plaza)- 13th btwn M&N was mugged by 4 men. I am emailing her to ask her to post this herself. I don't know the details.

Anonymous said...

I was robbed on Friday, Feb. 17th at 7:15 PM on O St, between 12th and 11th.

Four men followed me from my apartment to my car. Two were on foot and two were in a car beside me. One man attacked me, fought with me for a few minutes, and stole my purse after cussing at me. I screamed for help and the police (who were two blocks away) came within 5 minutes.