Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reminder: Keep Things Out Of Sight!

A friendly reminder from the MPD.

One of the most common types of theft is theft of valuables from your automobile. Theft from auto is strictly a crime of opportunity that can be prevented if you take away the opportunity. Thieves generally won't waste their time breaking into autos that don't have valuables in plain sight.

Recently, the Metropolitan Police Department has recorded an increase in thefts from autos, particularly in the downtown area around the Verizon Center during sporting and other events. If you plan on parking your car in this area, be sure to secure your property. Please take the precautions listed below to help ensure your auto is not targeted by theives:

  • Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

    The best way to prevent theft from your auto is to always keep valuables out of sight. Never leave cell phones, briefcases, suitcases, or electronic devices (walkmans, palm pilots, laptop computers, etc.) in your car in plain view. Take these items with you, or secure them-all the time, every time.

  • Use Your Trunk

    If your car has a trunk, use it. Put valuables in there or in a locked glove compartment. Hiding items under seats is better than leaving them in plain view, but securing them inside the glove compartment or trunk is a far better deterrent.

  • Don't Tempt Theives with New Purchases

    During the holiday season especially, or any time you're shopping, place packages in the trunk, not on the passenger seats or floors.

  • Remove Your Radio Faceplate

    If you can unfasten your sound system and take it with you, or lock it in your trunk, do so. And don't forget to do the same with your CDs and tapes.

  • Lock It Up

    Also, keep your car doors and windows locked-all the time!

  • Remember: "Outta sight, outta mind"-if theives can't see your valuables, they're less likely to waste their time targeting your auto. Take the time to secure your valuables; it makes a difference.


Mitch said...

Who do we call when a street light goes out?

Jennifer T said...

Call the City Services Hotline at 727-1000 or log onto the City Services Website: and post your complaint there. ANC2F's Crime and Public Safety Committee has been entering information on this into the database and working closely with the City on following-up, so if you prefer, please email us ( with the details and we can post it through the CCPS.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that I signed up online for the "MPD Watch Your Car Program" the day it was posted on this blog (March 10) and MPD has yet to mail me the sticker or even acknowledge my enrollment. They're pretty good about putting out PSA's but if there's no actions to back them up they're meaningless.

Sgt. Emerman said...

I do not know what the issue is as to why you have not heard from the Watch Your Car folks. Their phone number is 1-877-322-7867, and if you get a chance, call them during business hours and they should be able to assist you. If you would like me to contact them for you, I need you to contact me at Stuart.Emerman@DC.Gov and give me your pertinent information so that I can look into it. Thanks.