Tuesday, January 02, 2007

All Boarded Up and No Place to Go

We all know that the new Mayor Fenty is a diligent reader of the local blogs, right? Well, if not, there are some editorials from various neighborhood associations and organizations in the Post, including one from our own Jennifer Trock.

Logan Circle has undergone a major rebirth over the past few decades. We have new residential buildings, retail spaces, even a burgeoning art community. But crime and public safety are still a top concern. A large part of the problem is the abandoned and neglected properties that continue to make our neighborhood attractive to criminals.

It's good to get some light shed on this subject.

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Jason said...

I'm just reading this editorial today and curious about the logistics and process of making owners and the city aware of unfit structures. There are some properties on 11th street I'd like to alert the authorites but I'm not aware of the proper channels.

Please shed some light on this.