Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Classical Music in the Neighborhood

I received a note from National City Christian Church regarding their classical music agenda coming up for September. The big event is the Second Annual Beethoven Festival and Silent Auction, on September 8.

Washington Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra
2nd Annual Beethoven Festival Concert/Silent Auction Saturday, Sept.8, 8:00p.m.
Jason Love, conductor.
Beethoven program features Leonore Overture No.3 and Eroica Symphony No.3
Silent Auction review at 7:00pm.
Tickets: $10(available at door). Children 18 & under free.
Parking: Washington Plaza Hotel (Thomas Circle) reduced fee parking ($4) for concert guests.

Other upcoming events include their Music at MidDay Lunchtime Concert Series, featuring the church's 7,592 Moeller pipe organ. (That's a lot of pipes!)

Sept.6 - "Battle of 2 Pipe Organs", Charles Miller, organist
Sept.13 - "The Improviser's Art", Stephen Kalnoske, organist
Sept.20 - "The Majesty of the Trumpet", Mary Mozelle, organist;Chuck Seipp,trumpet
Sept.27 - "Terrifically Tantalizing Trio", Grace Cho, pianist, accompanied by String Trio

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