Tuesday, January 22, 2008

El Sauce

As I mentioned in the last ANC 2F Wrap-Up, the ANC is looking for complaints to assist in a protest of El Sauce, at 1227 11th Street. Here's a good one, that just came across the listserv, courtesy of Johnnie Jackson from ABRA, forwarded by Jack Evans:

On 1/18/2008 at approximately 10:30 p.m. a patron who had just left the El Sauce Restaurant and Carryout, 1227 11th Street NW, was attacked by another male a short distance from the establishment. The suspect cut the patron in the hand with a knife, and hit him with his fists. The patron, who was taken to GW Hospital, suffered cuts to his head due to his fall and a laceration to his hand. The suspect was not apprehended. Investigation has determined that the suspect had entered the establishment earlier during the evening and tried to pick a fight with the customers. There is no indication that the suspect had a knife while inside the establishment.

With the information from Lt. Smith that this location is a frequent gang hotspot, El Sauce could be in some hot ... er, sauce.

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