Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stepped Up Parking Enforcement

Mike Benardo, the commissioner for ANC 2F06, got a note from Mark Bjorge that MPD will be increasing parking enforcement in our neighborhood.

This message is to inform you that MPD 3D has begun full enforcement of posted parking regulations 7 days per week. We ask for your help in ensuring that residents are informed of this increased attention to parking compliance and safety issues, which will begin immediately.

Given the often contentious nature of the parking issue in the past, let's hope that this keeps up over the long haul. Blocked crosswalks and fire hydrants are simply not acceptable, and neither are residents unable to move their cars.

So make sure you park your car in a legal spot!

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DC said...

This implies that parking is not enforced 7 days a week, which means that it was a policy, not just an issue of not being able to be everywhere at every moment.

It would be very interesting to see which areas they have designated not important enough for 7 day enforcement!

Amanda from DCMetrocentric.com