Friday, February 22, 2008

Central Union Mission - Still Scouting for a New Home

The Central Union Mission, currently located on the corner of 14th and R, is in the middle of a move-and-redevelop process. They sold their property to a developer, and obtained property and zoning up on Georgia Avenue. The neighborhood, though, has been less than enthusiastic about a homeless shelter in an area they hope to see go through a growth spurt in the future - although it didn't seem to hurt our neck of the woods much!

Still, the Post is reporting that the Mission is looking and options for property closer to downtown, since more of the homeless population seems to be deeper in the city. I'm not sure where they think they're going to go, but let's hope they find a home soon. They're scheduled to move out of their current location in 2009.

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BikeDC said...

UUUGGGG! They are going to be here forever!