Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ANC 2F Wrap-Up

I missed last months ANC meeting, but the wrap-up is back! Enjoy!

Update: Mark Bjorge informed me that I incorrectly had him listed as no longer serving in Ward 2. Fix made. Sorry about that!


  • Lima Restaurant, located around 14th and K, has offered a free meal to members of the community.

  • The Vegas Lounge liquer license, which the ANC protested, is up at the roll call hearing on March 12th.

  • The DC Council is holding oversight hearings. ANC 2F is up on March 11th. Chariman Reed is looking for suggestions or comments regarding the ANC structure, duties, and operations. Do you like the ANCs? Hate them? Here's your chance to say so!

  • A SmartBike kiosk will be installed on Rhode Island Avenue, just west of 14th Street.

  • The Source Theater renovations are on-going. The black-box theater will remain, and they are also adding a rehearsal space and arts studio. They are trying to raise money for the work, and have currently raised $2.1 million of their $3.5 million goal. They will be holding the Source Festival this June, with various theater-related activities. Every Monday in April, they will be doing hard-hate tours.

  • The Logan Circle Community Association March meeting will be held next Wednesday, March 12th, at the Washington Plaza Hotel.

Crime Report

Lt. Smith was on-hand to report.

  • Overall 13% drop in crime for the year. Rough start of the year, but things got much better as the year progressed.

  • Lower crime rate means fewer personelle. PSA 307 was down to only 13 officers, where we were supposed to have 28-29.

  • Derek Green was sentenced. Charged as an adult. Convicted of armed robbery at 916 N Street.

  • Sex offender notification: 1425 N Street. Sex with a minor.

  • GPS units are getting stolen left and right. DON'T LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR!

  • PSA 307 has lowest number of robberies.

  • Church parking: The department is ticketing public safety hazards (fire hydrants, crosswalks, etc.), and for complaints from residents who are parked in. Sixteen tickets were issued on March 2nd.

  • An illegal fetish club has opened at 916 Blagden Alley. Lt. Smith wrote $15,000 worth of traffic tickets, and has contacted DCRA for license investigation. Google "dxs rapture" for more information.

  • Charles has informed Mike that the residents of the housing at 1400 R Street are complaining of break-ins and vandalism. The ANC supported the takeover of that housing, and Charles thinks that the developer may need to get some better security in there.

Executive Officer of the Mayor

Abbey Peterson has replaced Joe Martin and Mark Bjorge, who is now serving in his own ward. She lives in the neighborhood, specifically in ANC 2F03.

DDOT Report

Chris Zeeman was absent.

  • Charles reports that he has been told that paving may start on Q Street tomorrow.

DDOT Matters

  • AYT Auto Service, 1630 14th Street - The auto service is looking to open an auto service training center above their store. They are currently waiting for approval of their education license. There is no request for action, but Charles suggests asking for a recommendation from the ANC to the appropriate authority to approve their license. It's turned down, since the process is almost complete.

  • Street Closures - Approval letters from last month have not yet been sent. Various street closures were all approved.

Crime and Public Safety Committee

No report. There is a meeting of the committee on March 12th. However, Lt. Smith and Chariman Reed are concerned about the lack of cooperation between the US Attorney's office in regard to prosecuting cases.

ABRA Matters

  • Lima, Public Space Application for a Sidewalk Cafe - Already have a sidewalk cafe, but there was a technical problem with the old license. The ANC approved the old version two years ago, but they are here looking for a do-over to correct the problem. There is no voluntary agreement, but since it's not in a residental area, and there have been no significant other issues. Approved unanimously.

  • Izalco, Application for an Entertainment Endorsement - No representative from Izalco is present. However, Chariman Reed circulated a re-draft of the Voluntary Agreement originally proposed in February. No action was taken tonight, but the new agreement requires a beefed-up security presence, a log of complaints, and provides for a stop-clause to their entertainment license if there are three or more complaints in a three-month period. The Chairman believes this is one of the strongest Voluntary Agreements ever proposed by the ANC, since there are consistently so many problems and complaints about the establishment.

  • Olley's Trolley - I'm not sure what the deal is here. But it was unanimously approved.

  • HR-57, Liquor License Renewal - Negotiations are complete. This is another fairly strong agreement. However, Chairman Reed solicted input from the community, but received no complaints from any direct neighbors of the establishment. One clause, however, is that they cannot serve liquor at their sidewalk cafe without food present. Unanimously approved.

  • Veranda, Complaints - Resident David Berger (1400 block of 11th Street) spoke: On October 4th, a large exhaust fan was installed next to his patio, and when on produces a lot of noise and awful restaurant smell into his home. He asked for help from the ANC for relief. The Voluntary Agreement with Veranda clearly prohibits that odor and noise from exhaust fans, including on patio areas. The Pegasus Condominium Association (where Mr. Berger lives) is also a party to the Voluntary Agreement. Commissioner Dyer moves that the ANC writes a letter to Veranda, informing them that they are in violation of their Voluntary Agreement, and demanding response within 10 days, or steps to begin a Show Cause hearing will be taken. Passed unanimously.

Other Business

  • Chariman Reed motions to send a letter to Mayor Fenty expressing the ANC's gratitude for the service of Joe Martin and Mark Bjorge for their excellent service.

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