Thursday, May 11, 2006

Update on Mayor's Omnibus Crime Bill 16-247

For those of you who missed LCCA's Spring Fling last night, Councilmember Mendelson spoke about key provisions of the Mayor's Omnibus Crime Bill, which was marked-up and passed by the Council's Judiciary Committee last week and scheduled for presentation to the full Council on June 6, 2006.

Some of many new the provisions include (taken directly from the preamble to the bill):
  • To provide for the seizure and impoundment of vehicles used in furtherance of prostitution;
  • To amend An Act For the suppression of prostitution in the District of Columbia to make it unlawful for any person to engage in or to solicit for prostitution, to amend all prostitution related statutes to define the terms “prostitution”, “arranging for prostitution” and “soliciting for prostitution”;
  • To permit the Chief of Police to declare any public area a prostitution free zone for a period not to exceed 120 consecutive hours;
  • To make it unlawful for a person to congregate in a group of 2 or more persons within a prostitution free zone who thereafter fail to disburse after being told by a member of the Metropolitan Police Department who reasonably believes the person is congregating for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or related offenses;
  • To make it unlawful to solicit for the crime of murder or any other crime of violence;
  • To amend An Act To establish a code of law for the District of Columbia to create an enhanced offense of assault where bodily injury to the victim results; and
  • To make it unlawful for any person to install an electronic recording device, mirror or peephole in such manner as to surreptitiously observe individuals engaged in personal activities including sexual relations, changing clothes or use of a restroom, or to record any of those activities, to provide criminal penalties therefore, and to create exemptions for law enforcement, home security, or buildings where there is posted notice of such recording.

If you would like a full copy of the marked-up committee print, please email us at:


Anonymous said...

Speaking of violence and crime - this past Tuesday, a man was attacked by a couple of teens on R St between 11th and Vermont. The attack occurred between 5:30 and 5:45 in the afternoon. Between this incident, the incident that occured at R and Vermont two months ago, along with numerous accounts of bicyclists being pelted with objects by groups of kids - is there anything making the parents/guardians liable for these malicious actions? Granted you have to catch them in the first place (which is a challenge in and of itself and then the challenge of who is actually the guardian if they have one) - but how do you deter this behavior in the neighborhood? As the weather becomes nicer, I have observed more teens in groups out in the streets and on bikes riding through people on the sidewalk and I am worried that we have not seen the last of this kind of violence.


Anonymous said...

Why can't we get foot patrols?

Anonymous said...

Foot patrols are worthless. You get one of the 4 available officers on your beat to walk up and down your particular street, but they can't go anywhere else. It takes them away from answering other calls. You see them out there, but it is a waste of their time and resources. I know, I used to be a cop up north. You want them in cars so that they can respond to calls. What you need to do is be your own foot patrols. Rely on you and your neighbors to call 911 or 311 when something is not right. Put up more lights outside of your house. Trim your bushes outside so that there are less places to hide. Walk in groups. When that does not work, then you call the police.