Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Rainy Day of Mufflers, Kitchen Sinks, and Cherry Trees

Thanks to those of you who woke up early to brave the rain and cold on Saturday and clean up our neighborhood. We met at National City Church for some quick coffee and then took our tools to the street, cleaning up N Street from 15th to 11th, then Vermont between N and M and M between 11th and 14th. We ended the clean-up on the tiny stretch of Mass Ave next to City Church - what a block! We found all kinds of things from half chewed dog bones to old mufflers to old shoes, and yes, we even found a kitchen sink! Thanks to Office Catering for donating lunches for our volunteers. . .we certainly worked up an appetite.

Later that afternoon (and after a change to dry clothes from earlier in the morning), a few hearty volunteers from LCCA, the Scott Montgomery School, and the East Central Civic Association met at Scott Montgomery to plant the cherry trees LCCA received from DC Greenworks. It was hard work digging holes large enough to accommodate the 150 lb. trees, but it was worth it! The trees are Kwanzan Cherry Trees (also known as Sekiyama or Hisakura Cherry Trees) and flower a few weeks after the Yoshino Cherry Trees. The trees already have a few buds on them, so we may even see a few flowers this year!

Thanks to all of you for making our clean-up day a success and for those of you who came out to help us plant our cherry trees!

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