Sunday, April 23, 2006

Robbery Suspect Caught!

The Third District seems to be on a roll lately. This update from our very own Sgt. Emerman:

On Friday night, April 21, 2006, officers from the Third District received several calls for a robbery at Vermont and Q Street and 12th and Q Street NW. A female resident of the community was walking in the area when she was struck along the side of her head and knocked to the ground. The victim was seriously injured as a result of the attack. The assailant grabbed the woman’s bag, containing her personal items and her laptop computer and then fled on foot. Several of the area residents called 911, and were on the scene when the officers quickly arrived. A look-out was broadcasted and the officers began to canvass the immediate area.

At the same time, Third District Sergeant Anthony Washington of neighborhing PSA 305 was working with a citizen in the 1400 block of 10th Street NW when a resident across the street came out and told him that there was a suspicious person in the rear of his home. As Sgt. Washington located and detained the subject, he observed a bag containing a laptop computer and the woman’s personal items, including identification. The subject was identified as the robbery suspect and placed under arrest. A review of his arrest history showed him to be on probation, after serving 6 of 13 years on a robbery charge in Prince George’s County, as well as a previous robbery conviction in DC where he served 30-90 months in jail.

This was another example of the community working with the police to bring about an arrest. Keep your eyes open, watch out for your neighbors and visitors, and stick around so that the police can talk to you on the scene. If these folks had not been there to give a lookout and last known direction of the assailant, he may not have been caught.

Thanks again.
-Sgt. Emerman


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Stuart! You're the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Sgt Washington and the observant residents who helped get this guy. He would have done it again if it weren't for you!

dc gal said...

Kudos to these neighbors and to the police. Good things happens when we work together.