Friday, July 28, 2006

Armed Robbery at 14th and Rhode Island

NBC4 is reporting three robberies that occurred on Thursday morning - one at 14th and Rhode Island, one near 18th and Q, and one near 19th and Dupont Circle. Police are looking for two armed suspects they beleive to be responsible, and are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrests and convictions in these cases. From the report,

Police said the men were seen in a red 1996 Toyota Paseo with Virginia license plates KAM1176 that was stolen from Herndon, Va., on July 22.

MPD's Press Release on the incidents, and more information can be found here.


IMGoph said...

Not related to the armed robberies (at least I doubt it) is that my house was broken into on Friday (July 28th). My computer (as well those of my roommates) and a lot of other electronics and jewelery were stolen. We live on the 1100 block of Rhode Island Ave. If anyone saw someone walking around with a beige pillowcase on Friday, I'd appreciate any information that could help lead towards getting our possessions back. Thank you!

Sgt. Emerman said...

FYI- Spoke to your neighbors who live 2 houses to the east of you. They said that they were home during the day for the entire time and did not hear anything or notice anyone. Even so, if any one has any information, please let us or the victims know. Thanks.

IMGoph said...

Sgt. Emerman,

Thanks, I talked to them later in the evening, and they let me know they'd keep an eye out, but hadn't seen anything earlier. Glad to know folks are keeping their eyes peeled!

Andrew said...

imgoph - the exact same thing happened to us on August 3rd, we also live in the 1100 block. Some laptops and ipods were taken and a pillowcase is missing. The police came by and dusted for prints and all that.