Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Civilian Positions with MPD

Because we all support the work of MPD, consider joining them!

The Metropolitan Police Department employs several hundred civilian employees in a variety of administrative, technical and operational positions. The Department is currently accepting applications for the following:

Crime Analyst
Contract Compliance Monitor
Contract Representative
Crossing Guard
Property Viewing Clerk

To review details for these positions visit:,a,1230,q,538142.asp


Anonymous said...

It'd be nice if they would let residents volunteer (properly trained of course) to issue parking citations in the neighborhood at night since the parking enforcement officers are hardly ever around in the evening. I wouldn't mind spending a couple hours a week at night ticketing illegally parked cars in the Logan Circle neighborhood.

Chris K said...

What an idea! I wonder if that's something that a reserve (volunteer) officer does, or, if this is something that DDOT would have a say in.

Rich said...

Well according to the reserve officer training info on the MPD website this is a class 4 task which requires a lot of extra training that I wouldn't want to do. I just want to write parking tickets! I think the traffic control people downtown are employed by DDOT and do have the authority to write tickets. Maybe someone from LCCA or ANC2F can look into this for neighborhood residents to volunteer to become parking enforcement officers.