Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Update on PSA 307

Our thanks to Sgt. Stuart Emerman for providing the following:

From November 10 through November 13, 2005, the officers in 307, along with officers of the Major Narcotics Branch, Prostitution Enforcement Unit, made several arrests that address the concerns of the residents in the Logan Circle area.

In particular, on 11/10, four (4) females were arrested for prostitution related charges in the area of Vermont and N Street, NW. On 11/12, two (2) females were arrested in Logan Circle, and three (3) were arrested in the area of 13th and L Streets NW. On 11/13, two (2) more were arrested in the area of Vermont and L Streets NW.

Based upon the stats that I am looking at, there was also another female arrested on a failure to appear warrant on 11/11 in the 1100 block of 13th Street NW, but it is unknown if that was a result of a prostitution related stop.

In addition to these arrests, there were several others made during the weekend, but since the majority of "quality of life" calls that we get are related to prostitution, I wanted the neighborhood to know about these. I will post more information as I get it, and will attempt to answer any comments that are directed towards the MPD.

Thanks for your continued support and assistance.

Sgt. Stuart Emerman
PSA 307


Anonymous said...

While I am glad that you are cracking down on prostitution, I don't feel any safer knowing that there are fewer hookers on the streets. I am more worried about the robberies and beatings. Have any suspects been charged with those incidents?

Sgt. Emerman said...

The chief's office has assigned additional detectives to the Third District to address "career criminals" who are committing the robberies. Although we are hearing about alot of robberies, we are making arrests at times. I will work on getting some stats and information.

tom said...

Thanks for your efforts and responses, Sgt. Emerman. I share anonymous's anxiousness to hear good news about progress against violent crime in particular. But I (and everyone else here, I'm sure) appreciate all that you and your fellow police officers are doing.

Sgt. Emerman said...

I appologize that I do not always have access to full crime stats and information. The MPD command staff has a daily briefing at headquarters each day, and they share info about the previous day's crime. Keep in mind, just because a person does a robbery in Logan Circle, does not mean that is the area that he is exclusive to. In fact, suspects often know that due to the responding police, another area may be less likely to have police coverage, and they target that new area. With that in mind, in the last 2 days, we have had several robbery/violence arrests that I found. On Monday morning, an individual was arrested for Carrying a Pistol without a License at 1200 9th street. This suspect was scene leaving the area near Kili's Lounge after the shooting that occurred there, and was followed by officers, and stopped. In addition, another suspicious vehicle leaving the area was stopped at 2300 Georgia Ave. The 2 individuals in this car matched a lookout from a robbery earlier in the night, and were identified and arrested. It is believed that they may have had a hand in several others, and photo spreads and line-ups are being prepared for other victims. Today, 5 juveniles were positively identified on what is called a second sighting, for a robbery, at Shaw JHS. At this time, I am unsure of where the origianl robbery took place, but they too are now in custody. And lastly, on Sunday, an individual was arrested for Robbery (Force and Violence) at 9th and U Street. Although there are many unsolved robberies out there, we are certainly making arrests. In addition, Commander McCoy provided statistics today that show robberies are down in 3D by 25% in the past month. We know that the upcoming holidays bring out an increase in crime, so we are not celebrating yet.

Toby said...

Channel 4 reported last night that there were some arrests in PG County of some teens that had jacked a large number of cars and were implicated in a string of robberies in Adams-Morgan and Columbia Heights. Were these the kids holding people up in our neighborhood?

Sgt. Emerman said...

My understanding is that they have had a hand in many throughout the city, including the Third District. There is still much work for the detectives to do, such as search warrants and photo spreads/lineups for victims to view. I also understand that these arrests were made over the course of several weeks, so some of the victims may have already been re-interviewed. I do not have any specifics on locations or dates as of yet. If I hear of any, I will forward it.

Toby said...

Thanks Sgt. Emerman. Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I am very thankful for work to get rid of prostitution in the area. Violence is my greatest concern, but drugs and prostitution are long term issues that have been blighting our neighborhood diminishing quality of life and property values. We need to hit those issues head on.