Thursday, November 17, 2005

Do You Know a CHAMP?

From MPD, we are posting the following:

Earlier this year, Officers Mikal Ba’th and Ronald Burgeson were working the Sixth District Crime Initiative during the first watch, when they responded to a radio run for a loud noise in the 4800 block of Alabama Avenue, SE. Upon arrival on the scene, the officers observed a male subject standing in a walkway.

He appeared to be taking something from his front left pocket, so the officers began to approach him for questioning. As they drew near, the subject pushed his hand back into his pocket and began to flee, with the officers in pursuit. As the suspect stopped running, he turned toward Officer Burgeson with his arms extended and caused Officer Burgeson to lose control of his motor scooter and fall to the ground.

Officer Burgeson got up quickly, and he and Officer Ba’th placed the suspect under arrest for Assault on a Police Officer. They proceeded to handcuff the suspect, pat him down for weapons, and walk him to the street to wait for a transport vehicle. As they were escorting the suspect to the street, he was able to free one of his hands, push Officer Burgeson aside, and run from the scene.

Officers Burgeson and Ba’th again chased the suspect for approximately two more blocks. After apprehending him the second time, the officers observed the loose handcuff and discovered that it had been unlocked with a key that the suspect had hidden in the rear inseam of his pants. A search incident to the arrest revealed 46 grams of cocaine and $788.

It was later discovered that the suspect was wanted on an outstanding homicide warrant from Prince George’s County. Officers Ba’th and Burgeson were among 12 MPDC members who were recognized as “officers of the month” during this month’s CHAMPS awards lunch. Read about all of their outstanding efforts by clicking here.

FOOTNOTE I: CHAMPS (Capital Hotels Award Metropolitan Police Service) is a monthly awards program hosted by the Hotel Association of Washington, DC. The September awards luncheon was hosted by the Savoy Suites Hotel in Northwest.

FOOTNOTE II: Members of the public are invited to submit commendations for outstanding MPDC officers anytime, using this online form.

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