Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday Night Mugging

From a resident at 10th & O Streets. . . .

My street's abuzz with the news that someone was mugged at 10th and O today around 5PM. I don't have any other details, I'm afraid, but I imagine you may be hearing from someone who does. I hope to read moreabout it on your site. Thanks for the service you are providing.

- Name Witheld

We will investigate and post details as they become available.


We learned from MPD that on Sunday evening, a woman was in her car parked at 9th & O Streets. Two African-American juveniles approached her and attempted to remove her purse from the vehicle.

The woman resisted and was physically assaulted. The bag was taken and later left in a nearby alley.


Anonymous said...

This occurred during daylight hours? Were there any witnesses?
We live on O St near 10th and I didnt see any police presence or activity around that time.

Anonymous said...

We have got to come together to STOP these JUVENILES from terrorizing our neighborhood. We need answers from our council members, the mayor and the u.s. attorneys office!

What are our ANC commissioners doing to make sure these issues are addressed?

Anonymous said...

This did occur during twilight hours. There were no witnesses although my wife saw what were very likely the two youths just moments b/f the mugging occurred (we were driving by about 3 minutes b/f the mugging occurred). I understand the police came within ~10 minutes. The victim was on her mobile phone at the time and the two youths approached her, surrounded her on both sides, and then proceeded to grab her bag while one of the youths punched her in the face. Luckily, she is okay and her goods were all recovered. I just hope that our response as a community is not to live in fear but to show a greater presence on OUR streets to make incidents like this much harder for these juveniles to get away with.