Monday, January 09, 2006

DC Cab System Forum

From a fellow citizen:

There is a new blog called Citizens for a better DC Taxicab System. The blog is an attempt to provide a forum for those who have issues and concerns about the city's taxicab system.

(NOTE: We saw a lot of similiarities between the taxicab blog and this blog. Glad we could inspire and encourage you to take action! The Logan Circle News Team has no idea who started the taxi blog, but we encourage you to identify yourself so that you may credibly work with the entire community. Best of luck.)


Capt. Cab said...

I have a plan for a new taxicab system that offers reliable response for service and lets drivers keep all the money. It eliminates all cab companies. Each driver is an independent contractor that will realize a 60% reduction in operating costs and be eligable for health benefits.
I can launch the program and grow into a national system with only $100K. The system is self funding after that.
Reach me at

Katy said...

IS there another or new link for that site?