Monday, January 23, 2006

In Appreciation of MPD

At this time, we'd like to dedicate a post to the memory of Sgt. Robert Schoonover, and to extend our condolences, sorrow, grief, and support to the men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department, especially those in the Third District.

We cherish and appreciate your service to the community. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with you.

An Officer's Prayer

God, Father, and Protector
I ask that you hear my prayer.

Guide me and protect me
As I protect the people I serve.

Only with your strength and blessing
Am I able to do my job with justice and mercy.

I pray for my family at home
As they pray for me on my beat.

Help me to walk in your footsteps
While I balance work and home.

Let me not become defeated by the tragedies I see
Instead, strengthen me to see beyond them.

Keep your spirit close to me and my fellow officers
That all of us be intstruments of your peace.


(Written by the Metropolitan Police EAP Staff)


Mitch said...

I am truly sorry for the loss. I hope every officer at the Third District knows how much we respect those that wear a police uniform and any death is taken as a blow not just to the officers, but to the community as well.

dcbrat said...

My heart goes out to the officer's
family and friends. May God bless
him and the 3rd district. We appreciate the work and respect
that go within that uniform. Thank
you for making our corner of the
world a better place.

Ofc. Caron said...

Schoonie was one of my closest friends, both on and off duty. He was an incredible man. Words can't even describe his integrity, intelligence and love for others. If every Officer on MPD was a little more like him, DC would be a much better place. Thanks to everyone in Logan Circle (an area Schoonie patrolled for many years) for your support.

Anonymous said...

What has happened? I searched the Washington Post and cannot find a story. I did find a Blade article from 2004 that suggests that Sgt. Schoonover endured some violent ill treatment from some officers of the 3rd district.

Lewis said...

I am saddened by the loss and offer my condolences.

Jim said...

For those who missed the story, it was an apparent suicide:

Ofc. Caron said...

This past weekend, many Officers from MPD and surrounding jurisdictions travelled to Elkins, WV to assist Schoonie's family in laying him to rest. Lt. Smith was an integral part in assisting the family here in DC for the memorial on Friday and the ceremonies in WV. Schoonie was like a son to him.
Suicide is a highly sensitive and private matter and since it is difficult to 'investigate' the incident, there isn't much to report. We appreciate everyone's concern and thank you for respecting Schoonie's privacy. I am sure he is well aware of the love and support he has from the community, his family and his brothers and sisters in blue.

mitch said...

Has this blog shut down?

Robin said...

I am Robert's cousin. I just have to tell you all how wonderful you all have been to us. It was amazing to see how much Robert was loved and respected by you all. Thank you for keeping his memory alive, may we all be so deserving!
Bless you!