Thursday, January 19, 2006

From the Forum

Whoever asked the question, we thank you so much!!!

"Chief Ramsey, do you read the Logan Circle News blog, and if so, do you consider it a good source of reliable information?"

To which the Chief responded:

"Yes, I do, and I think in the future, we'll see more involvement from MPD to help communicate matters of public safety and to share information."

Over 100 residents participated in last night's forum, packed with friends, neighbors, police, media, and clergy. Councilmember Mendelson was also on hand.

All three panelists have promised to return to our neighborhood in 6 months as a follow up to last night's discussion. The Councilmember also indicated that he would like to address the community.

Thanks to the Logan Circle Community Association for sponsoring such an important meeting.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the chief got it; he kept referring to thefts-from-auto being a problem in the "club zone". I think he thought we were Dupont or U Street. Streets east of 14th are littered with broken glass from car break ins, but there isn't a club around.

Also, I didn't understand all the time spent on evacuation plans, a multi-language call center, the extent to which our police aid presidential movements... Great issues for a city-wide forum on police. In the Logan Circle community, residents are getting robbed at gunpoint, sometimes two folks a day. I don't think the message got to him that there is a serious problem that needs fixing now.

Michael said...

I want to say that I was very impressed by Andrew Kline, he never let Chief Ramsey duck a question.

Thanks to Chris and the LCCA for hosting a very informative forum.

Mitch said...

I wasn't able to attend but I would love to hear more about it if anyone is willing to share their views on the forum.