Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thomas Circle Restoration

From a Logan Resident:

Does anyone know when the restoration project for Thomas Circle will be finished?

The scheduled completion date was Jan. 2, 2006. I tried calling the contact person, Karyn Le Blanc, but the number given (202-298-2823) on the DC website isn't working.


Frank Mobilio said...

I called Adish Najafi from DDOT to get an answer. He said due to weather conditions that they've had some delays in the process. (Actually fairly typical response and issue - I'm having the same problem with a plaza I'm working on in Virginia).

He said that he will get back to me shortly with answer. He's been good about communicating in the past and I'm sure he'll get back to me.

Mitch said...

I just got done talking with DOT as well. They said they were hoping to finish in June. Also, their website should be getting updated. Cheers!

Karyn DDOT said...

Hi - this is Karyn LeBlanc from DDOT. My apologies for the incorrect phone number. I can be reached at 202-497-4572. I will be updating the website and new information should be posted by close of business tomorrow. We have been delayed due to weather and some necessary redesigns. The new completion date is July 2006. I will forward more information as I receive it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Karyn from DDOT! Responding on a blog!

How could the end date be Jan 2006- the construction is BARELY halfway through!! If there really was a "necessary redesign", as Karyn claims, why didnt they publicize this information in advance?

Also, what "weather issues" is Karyn referring to? Seriously?!! I walk through Thomas Circle every day on my way to work... this is a hurricane impact zone!

DDOT--6 months late a $1 million over budget!

Chris K. said...

Attacking Karyn is NOT acceptable and yet another reason to end anonymous commenting.

Karyn responded to the question at my urging. She deserves respect and commendation for answering our call.

I thank her and DDOT for being so responsive to the community.

Mitch said...

I agree with Chris. Personally attacking people is not the way to go.

I do, however, wonder about the delay. What was the weather issue? Also, is the $1 million number correct?

Rose Lucas said...

Thank you Karyn, I think it was kind of you to respond. Regardless of cost, and delays and inconvenience, lets remember why the monument is there for a reason.

General Thomas was the most victorious civil war generals of his day, and was ignored by the history books largely due to politics and his own modesty.

The man was a Southerner, and though his family owned slaves, he in secrete taught them how to read and write. This very fact came from one of his family's own slaves who sung his praises in a biography written about him. Due to this man's conviction he felt for his country and loyalty of his leadership, the honorable President Lincoln and his desire to emancipate the slaves from the South, and give equal rights to all, thus he joined the Union. He was ostracized from family and his home town for doing so.

He was one of the few generals who respected his African American soldiers when racism was at its worst, and gave credit to them and all his soldiers as to why his battle plans were so victorious. His soldiers, both black and white fought side by side. No other general did this.The man never lost a battle because of that. He typified the American ideals in loyalty, honor and brotherhood, and sacrificed greatly for it. He was only 54 when he died.

So take as long as you need to Karyn...General Thomas deserves it.