Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Juvenile Robber Caught on Sunday

From Sgt. Stuart Emerman:

On Sunday, January 8, 2006, officers from the Third District responded to a call for a robbery at 9th and N Streets NW at approximately 10:40 AM for a robbery.

In that case, a citizen was approached by a male juvenile who placed an unknown item to his back and took $100 and a cell phone. A lookout was given by the victim, and the officers canvassed the neighborhood.

At 1:15 PM, at 1300 9th Street, the same suspect struck again, this time robbing a citizen of $10. The lookout matched, and responding officers located the suspect in the area of 7th and P Streets NW. He was positively identified by both victims and placed under arrest. The suspect is a 16 year old male who resides in Northeast DC.

I will try to keep you informed as to whether he was charged as an adult or juvenile, and if so, what charges.


Anonymous said...

Anyone hear any loud, low-flying helicopters over Logan Circle last night? It happened around 4am, and lasted for what seemed like a few minutes (the helicopter was probably circling).

Anyway, the helicopter sounded incredibly low to the ground, thus being incredibly loud for the middle of the night. I have no idea who to complain to about this.

mitch said...

You might want to email Logan Circle News so they can post it where everyone can read your question.

I don't know who you can contact. I didn't hear anything but that doesn't mean anything. I sleep very soundly.

Sgt. Emerman said...

I know that there was an MPD foot pursuit in the area for a robbery suspect who was armed. The officers located the individual and recovered the weapon, but I do not know what time of the night that was. It could have been helicopter support for the foot chase.

Chris K. said...

I heard the helicopters too! Woke me up, and was a bit un-nerving!

Glad to hear that MPD caught the suspect. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Michelle-- I heard this commotion, too! Any word on where this person was apprehended? Great going!

Anonymous said...

A big giant thank you to the officers involved and the citizens who identified the robber in the 9th and N area over the weekend.

These arrests will keep sending the message to juveniles that committing these offenses is not OK or socially acceptable (unlike their peers may be telling them).

Sgt. Emerman said...

The suspect in the double robberies was apprehended at 7th and P Streets NW. As for the incident involving the armed robbery and possible helicopter assistance, that guy was finally apprehended somewhere near 9th and N to the best of my knowledge. I have been unable to talk to the midnight officers involved, so I am not certain that the helicopter was in reference to that, but it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information officer. Guess I can live with the helicopters if they're being used to fight crime.