Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Advice on Recycling

From a resident on 13th Street:


My roommate and I recently moved into a single family home in Logan Circle and are trying to acquaint ourselves with both civic and green activities in the circle, from the neighborhood association to crime watch to recycling.

Our most recent concern has been recycling: As we've just moved in, we have TONS of cardboard and other recyclable goods we'd like to get picked up.

When is pick-up for Logan Circle? and how do we get nifty red and blue bins?? and will the recycling truck pick up large items like cardboard?.. we left our cardboard out with the trash for Monday pick-up, but nobody picked it up....lots of appreciation for your advice!


Anonymous said...

To get a recycling bin call the Mayor's Call Center (202)727-1000. You can use this number to also ask for a recycling pick-up in case they missed you as well as for a host of other services. More info about Recycle-DC is available at dpw.dc.gov

Anonymous said...

If you have items that you don't need, you can try giving them away to others in the community who can put them to good use by posting what you have on FreeCycle - http://www.freecycle.org

There are plenty of people on the FreeCycle mailing list who will gladly re-use your cardboard boxes. Re-using is usually a bit better for the planet than recycling.