Friday, December 16, 2005

Talks Are Scheduled to Address Logan Church Parking

From Todd Lovinger (the author of the letter sent to neighboring churches) and the main contact for the group:

On December 6, a group of local residents sent a letter to city officials and the press complaining about the problem of illegal and double-parking by church congregants in the Logan community.

The issue has been placed on the agenda for the January 4 meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Committee. In addition, a group of church leaders and local residents have agreed to meet in mid-January to open communication about the issue and discuss alternative solutions.

City officials and the police department are encouraging community residents and church members to work toward a mutually-agreeable solution. The police department will continue to exercise discretion in the enforcement of parking regulations on Sundays while the parties attempt to resolve the problem.

However, police representatives have notified both the churches and local residents that double-parking will not be tolerated on weekdays and that vehicles creating safety hazards by parking in front of fire hydrants, cross walks, intersections, and bus stops will be actively ticketed to ensure the safety of the community.

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