Monday, December 19, 2005

Logan Circle Crime Fighters

Our thanks to Brian Vargas for providing the following:

The lead story in this week's edition of the Washington City Paper chronicles the lives of four teen-robbers and their journey with crime into adulthood.

What brought them to justice? A Logan Circle resident who caught them in the act between Q & Corcoran Streets. The resident used his digital camera then turned the evidence over to authorities.

As the City Paper put it: "Apparently, they weren’t cognizant of NIMBY crime fighters in the Logan Circle area. "

If NIMBY is the label we wear for protecting our homes and loved ones - then let the tribunal begin!

Onwards and Upwards in 2006!


Anonymous said...

WOW – I read the article this morning and found it more than a little disturbing albeit for different reasons. I can imagine that the people that come to our neighborhood (whether by car or by other means) to mug us think in a similar fashion.

1 – call a partner in crime
2 – go to Logan Circle
3 – pick an easy target
4 – stop at the pawn shop
5 – do it all over again the next day

We must look like walking ATM machines to them!!

Chris K said...

The story WAS disturbing.

However, I like to think that it also sends a message: as long as our friends and neighbors continue to look out for one another, we will deter such activity.

That was the whole point of starting this blog - to bring together the community, raise awareness, and to prove that good neighbors (found in Logan Circle) can raise up the community and serve as a model to others in the city.

I have said this before: we are only as safe as we are strong.

And staying positive, energized, helpful and appreciative towards one another will be the key in uniting us.

Anonymous said...

Quoting my fave president...there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Civilization only remains so as long as we stand up to the philistines. (that's me speaking not FDR.)

check out....

Anonymous said...

My neighbors find it amusing that I virtually "patrol" the alley behind my place. From my window I'm always ready with my camera and camcorder and at night I'll even use my 1,000,000 candlepower flashlight to illuminate the drug sales or hookers who think this is a safe spot to conduct business. It's good to see that others share my sense of outrage and are willing to take the initiative to better their neighborhood.

eric said...

This story and some of the posts have given me renewed energy to be vigilant and keep my camera ready in the alley.

it also make me want to buy a video system.

Whatever happened with the suggestion to get video cameras installed in logan? Did ANC follow up on that suggestion?