Thursday, December 29, 2005

Final Posting of 2005

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Since its inception three months ago, I, along with the help of others, have labored to post new content daily on this site for the benefit of the community. We have grown from focusing on robbery sprees to reporting on neighborhood events, the parking issue, and community service projects. We have incorporated postings from city resources, our friends at MPD, employees at the Mayor's office, and our local media teams. We update our poll to test the pulse of the community, and we have allowed commentary from various groups and individuals.

It's clear that the blog is in demand by the neighborhood it aims to serve. Since its creation, this blog receives hundreds of hits a day, and we continue to have a steady stream of faithful readers.

As we move into a new year, let me be clear on our goal: this blog has been and will continue to exist in order to bring about a stronger and more united Logan Circle Community.

While we have made great strides in reaching this goal, we still have far to go. And to speak frankly, I can't do it alone. In the new year, I will be working with the LCCA and their core of volunteers to develop this blog further. I hope to remain as an editor to the blog, working with a team of regular contributors. If you would like to sign up for this responsibility, please let me know.

Finally, a word on comments. It seems to me that, unfortunately, there are people who would rather be negative and attack their fellow neighbor rather than offer constructive solutions or helpful insight into current issues. While such behavior is beyond general netiquette and common courtesy, (observed by the majority of our readers) it doesn't need to be made easier with anonymous commenting.

Moving into 2006, should this trend continue, we will eliminate anonymous commenting and all will need to be a registered user in order to post comments. Remember that if we are to emerge as a stronger and more unified community, we'll need to identify our neighbors in order to work with each other.

In closing, I state sincere thanks to everyone who has given me support towards this blog. Thanks especially to Lt. Smith, Sgt. Emerman, Jennifer Trock, Frank Mobilio, Kevin Ivers, and Brian and Heather Vargas for their unwavering support.

To a better year for Logan Circle in 2006 - I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Chris Kohatsu


Ofc. Caron said...

Thanks Chris. It has been a great help to all of the 307 PSA Officers to read what is on the mind of the citizens of Logan Circle (both positive and negative comments). Happy New Year and continued success to you and all of the citizens working to make Logan Circle a stronger community!
- Ofc. M.J. Caron

Tom said...

Thanks to Chris again. This is a great blog.

I don't think that the negative/positive comments are the problem. People will have different opinions on things from time to time.

I think it's the negative/rude attitude towards each other that is the problem - Chris is this what you were alluding to?

Calling someone an idiot, accusing community leaders of conspiracy, or just all out flaming someone for stating an opinion (then hiding behind an anonymous label) deters the work of any blog.

If you comment, you need to leave your name (or some form of identity) so that others can follow the thread and respond back.

m.c. bova said...

For those of us knowledgeable about blogger, we also know that IP addresses are logged. Any comment, anonymous or not, can be traced back. People who use the anonymous handle aren't as anonymous as they think.

I say proceed with registered commenters. People who aren't scared of putting their identity out there will continue to comment. The anonymous handle is annoying and as Tom said earlier, it makes it that much harder to follow the thread.

dcbubble said...

Here's to an even better 2006 and an end to annonymous comments.

dc gal said...


Your dedication to serving the community is very much appreciated. I've benefitted from this blog, although I live in another neighborhood.

Thank you and Happy New Year!