Monday, December 26, 2005

Teenagers Arrested

An update from Sgt. Stuart Emerman:

On Friday, December 23, 2005 at approximately 9:00 pm, officers responded to a call for a robbery in the 1000 block of P Street NW.

Upon investigation, it was determined that 5 juveniles, ages 14-18 approached 2 citizens in the block and ordered them to give up their money. Taken from the victims was $10, a wallet, credit cards and a set of keys.

The juveniles then fled the area eastbound on foot. Responding officers arrived on scene and additional officers canvassed the area and located 2 of the 5 subjects at 7th and P Streets NW. A positive identification was made by the complainants, and they were placed into custody and charged with Robbery.

One of the arrestees is 15 and the other is 16. One resides in the area, and the other in southeast.

At this time, I do not know of the status of the charges with the office of the Attorney General, but will advise when I find out.

Enjoy the holidays.
Sgt. Emerman


Anonymous said...

Great work aprehending them. Hopefully the others will be caught as well. Please keep us posted on the case as it moves forward through prosecution. Do you know if they have prior arrests?

Sgt. Emerman said...

Not too sure. Juvenile offender records are usually sealed, and on occassion I can find a history of arrests, but no specifics. It could be anywhere from a disorderly conduct charge to a murder. I can try to look into it though.