Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mugging Near Giant Food

From a resident on O Street:


My sister, and I were mugged at gun point Sunday evening (December 12th) around 10th & O Street. We needed something that we could not get from Whole Foods thus went to the Giant at 9th & O St. around 5:45 PM, and were mugged on our way home sometime around 6:30ish.

The muggers were three young black men between the ages of 16 - 20 yrs. and they were dressed in all black. One had a silver revolver, he was medium colored skinned, about 5'9", and wore a 3/4 length black puffy jacket with light colored fur trimming the hood and a black knit hat.

I did not get a good look at the other two but they were all under 6 ft. One of the others was maybe 5'11" with darker skin...again dressed in all black. In the small chance that they may have tossed our belongings somewhere they took my sister's pink & green flamingo wallet (containing her DC driver's license & credit cards), and my black satin coach purse with a black wallet (containing my entire life unfortunately with the exception of my house keys & check book), Samsung/verizon cell phone, and Nissan Altima car keys (with remote key access).

If someone happens to see either of these items lying around somewhere please call my
sister or I. (Contact information can be obtained by writing to: logancirclenews@gmail.com).

Please continue to exercise caution around our neighborhood. These three guys definitely knew what they are doing and appeared to be plotting the scenario before hand. As we were approaching 10th & O Street the one with the revolver peaked around the corner and walked back towards his friends hiding behind a building farther up on 10th.

When we came closer all 3 guys appeared, my sister and I received a weird vibe & both wanted to turn around but it all happened so fast. The three culprits were not aggressive, pulled out the gun and asked us to hand over our purses, when finished told us to walk away and if we looked back they would shoot us.

Later that evening when we spoke to a resident that lived on O St. around 10th he thought he saw these 3 guys fitting our description around 4:00 PM. He described them as lingering around and appearing to be up to no good.

It is my suspicion that these are the three guys that committed the armed muggings before hand and also with the incident involving the two younger black ladies. Hopefully these boys will be caught soon because they certainly do like to target
our neighborhood.


Sgt. Emerman said...

On Sunday evening, we had 3 robberies that had suspect lookouts of the same description. They were on O Street (the one in which you were the victim) and then there were two in the area of 5th and Q Streets. The officers are actively looking for the individuals on the street, but there is a high probability that they have changed their clothes. Be careful when you are walking out there, especially at night. It seems that during the holiday season, suspects are under the impression that citizens carry more money on them, and as a result, the frequency of the robberies goes up. I will keep you advised of any developments.

Chris K said...

Thank you, Sgt. Emerman. Your feedback is very helpful and much appreciated.