Thursday, December 15, 2005

Recycle Your Holiday Items

As a public service (and to give us a break from rude and negative commenters) we are posting the following from the Department of Public Works:

Gift wrapping paper, holiday catalogues, gift boxes, and greeting cards are all recyclable!

The holiday season offers many opportunities to recycle, above and beyond the usual paper, plastic, glass and metal, according to the District Department of Public Works, Office of Recycling.

Rather than trashing those piles of gift boxes, tags, wrapping paper, and the rolls the paper comes on, put those items directly into your recycling cart or bin. Don't forget all those gift catalogues, holiday cards and shopping lists. When you're finished with them, they're recyclable, too.

For more recycling information, call: 202-645-8245.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for refocusing this blog on positive things - you are providing such a service, and it's a shame that our friends and neighbors have been using it to create division.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where we can recycle our Christmas trees? Thanks!

Chris K said...

Try contacting the Department of Public Works.

I remember they put something on their website about leaf disposal earlier in the Fall, so they must have something about Christmas trees.

Thanks for caring about our environment!

Anonymous said...

also use freecycle for anything you don't want anymore. it's remarkable how good it feels to find people who wants your ___ (fill in the blank) so much they come and pick it up! It's pretty active in the Logan area. I'm just on the web-based version so I don't get lots of emails.