Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fewer People in DC - How is it Possible?

From today's Washington Post:

Forget the swank loft condos rising everywhere, the rehabbed row houses, the abandoned public-housing complexes bulldozed and rebuilt. Forget the suburbanites and former urban refugees who are flocking to the city for its nightlife, easy commute and neighborhoods suddenly reborn.

The number of people living in the District has shrunk by nearly 4,000 in the past year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau: 3,718 fewer people, to be exact. Read the full article here.


Anonymous said...

If our block is typical of DC the Feds are probably on to something. All couples with children (there were three of them three years ago) have left DC. They were all replaced by couples and in one case a single person. On a census they would have shown up as 11 people vs the 5 that live in those same homes now.

I am also certain that the people moving in are in most cases making considerably more income than their predecessors so the tax rolls have increased while our population has decreased.

Chris K said...

And while we in D.C. must raise and generate our own revenue, we send our Mayor and Chairman Cropp to Capitol Hill every year to get Congress to approve our budget and expenditures.

I just hope that this information will not negatively impact D.C. agencies and our city services - all items ultimately subject to Council/Congressional approval.

dcbubble said...

Not to mention the number of babies in affluent areas of the city. Years ago a baby stroller in Dupont Circle or Logan was as rare as a street without potholes. Now they are everywhere pothole and strollers.